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Topic: GPO for string section of new song

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    GPO for string section of new song

    Hey guys, It's been a few months since I've used GPO on a song. I recorded this song for someone this weekend and used GPO for the string section. She was sick that day, so she will come back to retrack the vocals, so that part isn't finalized yet.

    As always, I need a 90th set of ears on the strings to make sure there are no spots that give them away as being fake. I still haven't done the layering of solo strings on top of the string sections, so I think that will help it a bit, but I'm just trying to get calibrated here.

    As far as arrangement goes, I think I'll redo the verse, but the rest I'll probably just leave as is.


    Any suggestions are always helpful.
    Boz Millar

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    Re: GPO for string section of new song

    I think the strings sound good, real enough. I'm sure a little solo strings mixed in will help some (not that it needs help), but until near the end the strings are deep enough in the mix that there would be little difference from a listeners point of view. Even when they are brought out more, they sound pretty realistic as they are.

    A comment about something besides the strings - if this is an off day for the singer I really want to hear her on a good day! She has a great voice.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: GPO for string section of new song

    Strings? Where are they?

    I think I detected them, but really they're so extremely low in the mix that it could have been a generic string patch from a synth as far as I could actually hear.


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    Re: GPO for string section of new song

    GPO strings have very heavy vibrato, unlike the samples you are using in this recording....

    make a post with just the strings,
    I hate to say it, but here we go again...

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    Re: GPO for string section of new song

    It great. Just make the strings a bit louder in the mix.

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    Re: GPO for string section of new song

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    Strings? Where are they?

    I think I detected them, but really they're so extremely low in the mix that it could have been a generic string patch from a synth as far as I could actually hear.

    Randy, Did you compose the music for the Dorian show? Are those all Garitan scores?

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    Re: GPO for string section of new song

    This thread is certainly going in a lot of different directions!

    I want to add that I enjoyed listening to the song. The strings are just so low in the mix that I really couldn't tell what they were doing. They seemed to be adding a subtle pad to the mix, but whatever work has been done in their arrangement is well obscured. When strings are used with that degree of subtly in a mix, you can see why a lot of people still just use a "strings" synth patch, hence my rather facetious reply earlier.

    Obviously I agree with James Bond when he suggested the strings could come up in the mix without being competitive. Hope you try that out.

    DPDAN, seems to feel he heard your strings well enough to recognize them as not being from GPO. It would be good to hear on that topic.

    And hello again James - You asked if I composed "Dorian" and if I used Garritan instruments. Yes to both questions. That was an incredibly long process. I had one version of the entire show recorded using my hardware synths. Then I discovered GPO, and once I had it - I decided to re-record the entire score. A year and a half of non-stop work later ----!

    At the time I did the GPO versions of "Dorian," the ones I posted here throughout 2007, JABB hadn't been released yet. So my hardware synths still made an appearance. Besides the obviously fantasy-synth sounds sprinkled throughout, I relied on my Korg X5DR for the lead string Bass and Drums. But the Strings, Woods, Brass, Percussion, Harp, Piano, were all GPO.

    Also during that period, I was getting input from the good folks at the Cakewalk Forum. It was the largest project I'd ever done, and I needed some help with some technical things. I kept running different mixes by the folks at Cakewalk, tweaking things like EQ and mix balance as per their input. One thing I kept getting from them was to move the strings back a bit more in the mix - and I hated doing it. But I finally struck a balance they approved of. It worked out OK, but when i listen to the tracks now, I do wish the strings could've been a bit more prominent.

    Huge project that - And if I had another year or so to spend on yet another version, I'd do it, using better instruments now at my disposal, such as The Strad, JABB Brass and The Steinway. - Actually, before the show opened last year, I did go back and add a bit of The Strad, whenever a solo violin was being spotlighted in the score.

    And so on. Thanks for asking.

    Hope to hear from you again on your song, bozmillar.


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    Re: GPO for string section of new song

    I love it!!

    The vocals are amazing! The mix is great, (could be a little more strings in there) a wonderful piece of music all together!

    Do you have more music like this? with this vocalist?


    now i must listen again....AGAIN!!

    Trumpet, cornet, flugel player. Composer and student.

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    Re: GPO for string section of new song

    Hey, sorry for the delayed response. i thought I subscribed to this thread, but I was never notified when anyone replied to it.

    To clear up a few things.

    1) It seems that everyone agrees that the strings are too low in the mix. I kind of did that on purpose because I didn't want the strings to be a central part of the song, I just wanted to add something give the song a little more depth. I guess my original question was asking whether or not they sounded ok, and it doesn't look like anyone can give me an answer if they're too low. I will do a mix with the strings louder for this forum, but I'll probably bring them down a bit for the real thing. I won't bring them as low as I have them in this mix, but I'll do a loud strings version for the forum for critiquing sake.

    2) Yes it's GPO. The piano is Akoustik piano. That's all there is so far (aside from vocals).

    I don't have any more songs from her yet. I'm hoping I can make this one sound good enough to get her to come back to do more songs. If all goes well, we should be pounding out a song a week for the next while.

    I'll do another mix in the next day or so and stick it up here so I can get some feedback. it should also have the real vocals, although I thought these ones sounded pretty good. I'm excited to hear what she sounds like on a good day.

    Thanks for listening.

    PS. On the last chorus, the strings are actually pretty loud, maybe even too loud. I know when i comment on songs, I don't always go through the whole thing, but if you want to hear louder strings, you can fast forward to the end.
    Boz Millar

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    Re: GPO for string section of new song

    Hi, Boz - Good to see you again.

    That's a great idea, to do a special Forum mix with the strings louder so we can give you more feedback.

    Your new post made me go take another listen since you mention that the strings are maybe "too loud" towards the end - Interesting. I can hear the strings there and find them a long Long ways away from being "too loud." At that point, in my opinion, the strings are finally making their appropriate contribution to the song.

    You've had quite a variety of responses here! - even some doubt expressed about whether you actually used GPO strings or not. Once you have the special Louder Strings mix up for us, that should be cleared up.

    It was really nice just now to hear your haunting song again.


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