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Topic: A compliment sandwich for RMX 1.8d

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    A compliment sandwich for RMX 1.8d

    First, I would like to say how great it is to see scrolling implemented into the library browsing for RMX. Kind of a small issue, you used to have to put your mouse on the small scroll tab section to get mouse scrolling to work. Not sure even when this was updated, but I am very thankful for this great little fix.

    Now, not sure when these things came up, but first off, I am getting some weird offsets when using groove mode. I didn't really use groove mode before (See paragraph 3), so I'm not sure if this has always been a peculiarity, but in Logic, when a groove starts on bar 1, I get glitchiness or lack of playback (could EASILY be a logic issue as bar 1 has always been a little weird in Logic), and I also get some weird timing offsets on occasion as it plays through. Also, when I am using time designer, I usually get an extra bar of blank MIDI when dragging and dropping the time designer file. So if it is a 8 bar loop, I get a 9 bar loop with 1 blank bar at the end. Hardly a show stopper, but a little tedious, just in case this could be fixed.

    Also want to give my praise for time designer. I wasn't totally impressed by the concept initially, I've always done my time signature and timing changes by hand in Logic's sequencer with great results. But using it for a while really makes some things infinitely more usable. I'll keep this short, but browsing and groove mode with time designer are so much more useful. Keep up the awesome work Spectrasonics and looking forward to Trilian more than I can possibly describe!

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    Re: A compliment sandwich for RMX 1.8d

    did you switch the trigger mode to immediate when you work with groove mode?
    Thats highly recommended to avoid sync offsets.

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    Re: A compliment sandwich for RMX 1.8d

    I did not, thanks for the tip!

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