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Topic: Omnispere - host not remembering plugin settings

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    Omnispere - multis not loading, and corrupting

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone else have this problem with Omnisphere? It only sometimes remembers all it's settings when I save my project, - sometimes it just loads to default on reopening the project. Also after a while, my user multis go corrupt and dont load - very frustrating.

    I use 2 instances of Omnisphere in the same project. I have this problem in both Sonar 8 and my old Nuendo SX3. I've updated to the latest versions from the Spectrasonics site, and can't find anyone else with this problem by searching forums.

    If anyone can throw any light on this, would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    Re: Omnispere - multis not loading, and corrupting


    Got same issue yesterday here. Cubase4.
    No way to get multi back... I saved multi separetely but I can't load it... Using 1.04g

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    Re: Omnispere - multis not loading, and corrupting

    Hi artman,

    Its reassuring to hear I'm not the only one with the problem, but since there are no posts on the issue, it must be something specific we're doing that's causing this to happen.

    Can you give more details on how you're using omnisphere? Are you using multiple instances? When scrolling through user multis do you ever open a multi twice, i.e. the same multi on 2 omnisphere instances?

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