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Topic: Fair play? Kirk Hunter....

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    Fair play? Kirk Hunter....

    OK I t hink this is important to shed some light on this issue. MeltMe, a new guy on the forum, comes out with a track he did with Kirk Hunter strings, responding to the GOS demo thread started by Damon. I hear this demo and am really impressed. However, when I realize that MeltMe is actully the same guy as MuzkGuy (Kirk Hunter?), announcing/promoting his library, I am not the least impressed anymore, more like disgusted.

    MuzkGuy/MeltMe, do you really think this is fair play? Pretending to be a user posting a demo, and you\'re really the guy who has to sell a new Giga-version of a library with a really professionally produced demo? I think it is sickening. If you would just\'ve posted the demo under your Kirk Hunter (MuzkGuy) nickname, I would have had no problem. Using a fake username and identity is totally unfair and misguiding as to who made this mp3 and under what circumstances.

    You should try using some IP spoof program to make your multiple identities less obvious - this was too easy.

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    Re: Fair play? Kirk Hunter....

    I ignored the posts at first, \'cause I didn\'t like the way someone was promoting their music (made with the KH library) in a topic started for a GOS demo.

    Either way, I don\'t care for the sound. Seems like you gotta muddy up those KH strings to get anything that sounds good. And for around $1000, hah.

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    Re: Fair play? Kirk Hunter....

    Hey MeltMe/Kirk Hunter/MuzkGuy or whatever alias you\'re going by today:

    Wasn\'t it also you who came on and called us all a bunch of whiners?

    I think maybe it\'s time to start taking criticism as constructive feedback instead of personally.

    I also think that it\'s time to lay off the underhanded attempts to leech your competitors while disguised as someone else. Anyone with eyes can see that your posts from MeltMe and MuzkGuy are from the same IP address.

    I wish you luck with your business endeavors but if you keep up that sort of behaviour I\'m going to be much less inclined to be a customer. People look for honesty and integrity in a developer because they know that the same principles went into the creation of the product being sold. I hope you come to your senses since I know you\'ve done some great work in the past. Don\'t ruin the respect people have for you with destructive behaviour.


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    Re: Fair play? Kirk Hunter....

    Well i\'ll be damned same ip.... checked it out very sad indeed.

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    Re: Fair play? Kirk Hunter....

    I noticed this a while ago...see my comment abot people using multiple names to start Mudslinging....I got a kick out of it for a while...but I didn\'t really realise how out of hand it got whe he posted that stuff in Damon\'s thread....

    Anywho. Now that this thread is out I should mention. He\'s also got one more alias


    Id like to say that this shouldn\'t get in the way of what you guys think of the library. He may have Endicott syndrome (having most everyone dislike/disagree you in less than 10 posts) on Forums, but the library put up competetion with other libraries in its time. His brass may be something to take a listen to when he lets us. If it sond good to me it wont stop me from buying.

    That said, KH strings doesn\'t sound worth it to me, but thats because I own GOS now. If I didn\'t itd be a choice....but I\'d still choose GOS. Chromatically sampled. I believe there are more dynamic levels as well. Free Updates. More samples. More Variety. Gary doesn\'t call you a whiner....oh wait I wasn\'t supposed to let that get in the way.....

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Fair play? Kirk Hunter....

    One thing shouldn\'t go un-noticed in the midst of all this. I do think Kirk Hunter deserves some thanks that they\'ve made the library now available in Giga format.

    As many have said, these libraries are tools, and we pick and choose as we see fit.

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    Re: Fair play? Kirk Hunter....

    Regardless of aliases etc., I know plenty of people who thanked the heavens when Kirk\'s strings came out, in much the same way as we\'re now all praising Gary\'s, and were happy to pay the money to get the best strings availabe AT THE TIME.

    Let\'s not forget that part of the reason for any library\'s success is the experience of those libraries which went before it.

    Maybe there\'s already someone out there looking at GOS and thinking \'yeah, if I just changed X and Y, and added a little of Z\'.

    No one\'s library is likely to stand forever.

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    Re: Fair play? Kirk Hunter....

    I for one am not disputing the merits of his library(ies), but pretending to be someone else that\'s a simple user to get people to listen to your demos is caca to me however good the library is or whoever it is.

    just my 2 cents.

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