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Topic: Omnisphere on 64 bit vista

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    Omnisphere on 64 bit vista

    I have a dual boot pc and want to put Omnisphere on my Vista 64 bit partition and run it inside of Cubase 5 which seems to do a very good job of hosing a lot my other x86 plugins that are not 64 bit yet.



    Can I just install Omnisphere on my vista partition and point it to my sample dirve that has the Omnisphere samples on it and not reinstall the whole bloody thing?



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    Re: Omnisphere on 64 bit vista

    I use Omnisphere on Vista 64 with Sonar 6 x64. It works with no problems.

    I don't know about the installation for dual boot since I only have Vista 64 on my machine.


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    Re: Omnisphere on 64 bit vista

    Hi Giga,

    I use Omni with C5 (32Bit Version) on Vista 64 without any problems. I only gave the C5 64Bit a short try and it showed no problems, but I did not do intensive testing, as there are too many plugs like Omni only available in 32Bit at the moment.

    The System is really rock solid. I often had RAM issues, when using Omni on Win Xp32 / 4 GByte RAM (even with 3GByte Switch). Now (8 Gigs of RAM an V64) everything is fine since weeks.

    Concering reinstall: yes, as far as I remember, I did not even do a reinstall, I only copied the .dll to the plugs folder(?). But I`m not really shure. Maybe you should simply give it a try.

    greetings, humphrey
    C5, Forte, Cantabile, Komplete 7, OP-X Pro-II, KORE2, EOS, Halion 3, HSO, FM7, B4, VB3, Sylenth1, virt. Guit., Minimoog V, Stylus RMX exp, Omnisphere, Vista Home Premium 64, Q6600, Gigabyte EP45-DS3R, 8GB RAM Mushkin, 4 Samsung Harddisks / 1,5 TByte, RME Hammerfall DSP with Multiface, Motu Midi Express 128, NI Kore 2, Motif ES7, Fantom XR, Wavestation SR, Plugiator, TC M-One XL, ADA8000

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