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Topic: Vst Expression

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    Vst Expression

    Couple of questions about Vst Expression (Cubase 5):
    I do all my composing stuff within Sibelius and then export a midi file to Cubase SX 3. There i have to assign all articulations fresh from the start by inserting either keyswitches or midichannel-changes for every single note. Can Vst Expression read the articulation-marks (legato, staccato as well as pizzicato etc) made by Sibelius? Or is it just speeding up the reassigning-process?
    Can anybody who also uses a notation-program as starting point for the mockup share some opinion about Vst Expression? Does it speed up the process? As a last question: Does Cubase Studio 5 include all features of Vst Expression or would i miss sth important going that way (i don't care about the audio-possibilities of cubase. Need it only for midi-editing)? Thanks for helping me out

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    Re: Vst Expression

    My guess is you could drop Sibelius and do everything in Cubase now.

    If you haven't, watch/download the vst expression tutorial here:


    I don't know about Cubase5 studio vs Cubase5. You probably would find this info on Steinberg.come in the comparative page. They usually have one.

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    Re: Vst Expression

    Vst Expression is really a dead simple process, it takes an input(articulation) and assign an output back for your VSTi, so if you set your map correctly, any symbols that are tranfer over from Sibelius to Cubase appropriately in the score should work I guess...

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