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Topic: GPO / Teething Problems

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    GPO / Teething Problems

    Hi all,

    I've just started using GPO on my Macbook, all worked OK but when I updated Kontakt to the most recent version, it wouldn't recognise the GPO library. I reinstalled the software as I did the first time and then although the library was back, I couldn't hear any sound even though the onscreen keyboard acknowledged keys were being pressed, I worked out if I hit reload all samples, all good, although it's time consuming to do every time, especially when using multi's. Any idea how to resolve this?

    Also, I'm using a Yamaha P90 (argh, no mod wheel) so will need to get an additional midi keyboard controller, any suggestions? I'd like to keep my existing keyboard so budget will be an issue.


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    Re: GPO / Teething Problems

    Hi, DPHazle

    You need to get the Kontakt update previous to the last one, because it included updates to the instruments also. Your player isn't recognizing GPO because it's the outmoded library that you still have on your hard drive.


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