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Topic: Backing up my Stylus data ( pc only )

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    Backing up my Stylus data ( pc only )

    Here's how I'm doing it. Just wanted to share in case anyone finds that it might be helpful or time saving for them.

    2 lines in a .bat file:
    xcopy /s /D /Y i:\stylus~1\sage\stylus~1\patches\*.* j:\backup\stylus~1\patches\
    xcopy /s /D /Y i:\stylus~1\sage\stylus~1\userfa~1\*.* j:\backup\stylus~1\userfa~1\
    Of course you'd have to change your drive letters and also make sure your paths are the same. (F1)


    For a network backup:
    xcopy /s /D /Y \\machinename\i\stylus~1\sage\stylus~1\patches\*.* \\machinename\j\backup\stylus~1\patches\
    xcopy /s /D /Y \\machinename\i\stylus~1\sage\stylus~1\userfa~1\*. * \\machinename\j\backup\stylus~1\userfa~1\
    "machinename being the name of your pc on the network as seen in
    Control Panel > System > Computer Name

    ... or by hitting WinKEY+Pause > Computer Name

    NOTE: there are no spaces inside of "*.*"
    That appears to be a flaw in how the forum wants to handle my text.

    To check your dos path names ( remember ... 8 characters only )
    open a CMD box and when in the place where you need to check the name type

    /p /x and hit ENTER

    You'll now be seeing the DOS names along with the normal English names.
    You'll need to use all DOS names.

    Happy batting!

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    Re: Backing up my Stylus data ( pc only )

    Thanks for that Steve.
    I can't think how long it is since I wrote Dos batch files, and I daren't try to find out
    I especially like the bit about the CMD window/box near the end of your post. That's quite a new one on me.

    Come to think of it, I haven't worked in Dos since filenames could be more than 8 chars - please don't tell me how many years that is.

    Thanks again
    Neil B
    Pentium 4 PC Windows XP Home 32 bit 3.6 Ghz, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, Trilian, Kontakt 3, GPO 3, EWQLSC, Scope Pulsar II, Cubase 4.5

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