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Topic: High Hat Cutoff!!!

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    High Hat Cutoff!!!

    Gotta another question...I just downloaded the Jazz Kit from the Peter Erskine Living Drums CD-ROM..its a fantastic kit...one problem..the open hat is not controlled by the foot hat...HOW DO I FIX THIS?? Im not a programming junky..so im clueless...basically...I just want the open high hat to cutoff when the foot pedal is played. Thanks in advance!!!


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    Re: High Hat Cutoff!!!

    I could be wrong but I think this was asked a while back, I think the answer was it isn\'t possible using GigaSampler, but only GigaStudio? Perhaps someone else could verify this?

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    Re: High Hat Cutoff!!!

    You\'re correct Munsie.

    Exclusive keygroups (groups of keys which cut eachother off) ALMOST made it into Gigasampler, but didn\'t. In the editor, if you right click on a region one of the options will be to assign it to a \'keygroup\'.
    Unfortunately, it was never implemented in the Gigasampler, although it works perfectly in Gst.

    The only workaround I can think of is to set the release of the open hihat region to almost 0, and fake the cutoff idea by simply releasing the open hihat note at the same time as you hit the closed/pedal hat.

    Perhaps you can play the hat part into the sequencer, and then use the \'legato\' feature in the sequencer editor to make sure that all the notes butt up to eachother.

    Looks like a major incentive to upgrade. Apparently there\'s a big discount on upgrades at the moment.

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    Re: High Hat Cutoff!!!

    Good thing I have GigaStudio!!!



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    Re: High Hat Cutoff!!!

    \"Good thing I have GigaStudio!!!\" Well, jeesh wasn\'t this just useful information for you?

    Seriously though, is this the first drum library you have used? Are you able to choke the hi hats with other drum libraries? I\'ve never used the above mentioned library before. Perhaps there is an update that corrects the problem?

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