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Topic: Composer Needed

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    Composer Needed

    Below is a copy of an email I got the other day. Because it's a low budget or no-budget project, I passed, but told the producer about this forum, and he gave me permission to post the job here. Might be good experience for someone just getting started... Please don't contact me - contact the producer directly. Thanks.


    Looking for a composer for video essay -

    I am looking for a composer for music to go with my video essay The Common Lot: Next Step for Democracy.

    I have re-edited the first section of a longer rough cut into a self-standing 29-minute Part One. I think the piece would benefit from some background music at the least in a half-dozen places in lengths from 5 to 80 seconds. I might also consider a music soundtrack underneath the entire 29 minutes. I need to see and hear how it works with what I've got.

    The video's premise is: What if legislative representation was demographically proportionate to the actual population? What if our legislature was actually of, by and for The People? Such proportional representation could be accomplished through using sortitional selection, choice by lot, random selection.

    The video is a mix of man-on-the-streets, docu-drama, expert testimony and reflective visual interludes. See my provisional one-screen website at <http://thecommonlot.com/>.

    There are a few clips at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiJ9PYsZ2tg

    Please let me know if you would like to consider this project.

    David Grant
    Common Lot Productions
    Washington DC 20008-0509

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    Re: Composer Needed

    Anyone interested in this should not do it for free. They will have some budget - ask for it.

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