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Topic: Omnisphere and Various Hosts

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    Omnisphere and Various Hosts

    Hi Everyone,

    I need your advice and suggestions. Am very interested in Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere All I want to do is to trigger it with a keyboard and play the patches... nothing fancy or involved. No digital audio workstations, scoring apps or sequencing would be used with it because I have none of those types of programs.

    I don’t want to spend $500 for this package and then discover I have to buy another program just in order to utilize it. By that I mean coming up with a “host” since this is classified as a plug-in. So, what exactly qualifies as:

    “VST 2.4 or RTAS capable host software”?

    Please, do you have any suggestions that are known to work with Omnisphere?

    Does minihost or Savihost which are freeware suffice to power Omnisphere?

    If so, does the functionality or actual sound quality suffer at all?

    Thanks so much in advance.

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    Re: Omnisphere and Various Hosts

    Hi Emusampler,

    didn`t test Minihost but SaviHost is running without problems on my Laptop for Omni. As it`s free and really easy to use: why not loading it down an giving it a try ?

    greetings, humphrey
    C5, Forte, Cantabile, Komplete 7, OP-X Pro-II, KORE2, EOS, Halion 3, HSO, FM7, B4, VB3, Sylenth1, virt. Guit., Minimoog V, Stylus RMX exp, Omnisphere, Vista Home Premium 64, Q6600, Gigabyte EP45-DS3R, 8GB RAM Mushkin, 4 Samsung Harddisks / 1,5 TByte, RME Hammerfall DSP with Multiface, Motu Midi Express 128, NI Kore 2, Motif ES7, Fantom XR, Wavestation SR, Plugiator, TC M-One XL, ADA8000

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