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Topic: Best GigaSample CD for Big Band?

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    Best GigaSample CD for Big Band?

    I\'m completely blown away by the orchestral music I\'ve heard from forum members! There are some serious composers using this product.

    I don\'t write for orchestra, but I do write big band (and jazz and R&B) music.

    What, in your considered opinion, is the best [i]reasonably priced[/] (under $200) sample library for big band brass and saxes? I like a Basie-type sound...


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    Re: Best GigaSample CD for Big Band?

    Don\'t think it\'s been done to be honest...

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    Re: Best GigaSample CD for Big Band?

    It hasn\'t...

    I\'d been planning a Big Band sampling session this year, but things aren\'t looking good with it just yet. Things may change if I can get some more money scooped up. If I do it, I want to go all out and not half *** it. Even if I do get to sampling It wouldn\'t be done till mid/late next year.

    For right now. I\'ve picked up just about EVERY brass library out there.

    QLB is top of the line and has alot of stuff you can layer to get a great band sound out of. Its the best option if you\'re thinking of buying only one library. Actually even if you\'re plnning on buying multiple libraries..its the first choice.

    Phantom horns has alot of licks and hits. If you cut them up and layer them in with QLB it adds a sense of realism and you are allowed to vary attacks making it sound like more players.

    Brass Super section is caca compared to the above two, but you can do a bit with it if you do alot of EQing and mic modeling and reverb....

    If you add DDSB on top for the \"sizzle\" I\'m sure that would be a great sound. I have it but haven\'t tried it with band stuff yet. Its geared toward ochestral music, but if layered just for the sizle it should work nicely...maybe add some pitch bends in here and there.

    I haven\'t messed with Xsample stuff yet, but I\'d think that layering that stuff in would be hip as well.


    uhm...oops sorry didn\'t read the under 200 part. uhm.... I dont think its gonna happen. I\'m not sure how far the saxs and brass are spread uot in the Xsample library, but you\'ll go over the 200 mark if they aren\'t all on the same couple of CDs

    there is Creative Essentials Brass, which I also have . 29 bucks.... and its something. That something is not very good tho. Take a look at Sonic Implants. They may have what you\'re looking for, at reasonable prices.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Best GigaSample CD for Big Band?

    Phantom Horns also has sustains. Its jsut that I like the sound of QLB better. Not to mention all the dynamic layers. Also If you can layer in crecendos you can ge very expressive soundcs. it just takes A LONG time. Sicne you\'re doing alot of tweaking. \'d actually started editing/creating y own FFF smples from the crecendos in QLB, but then I got DD SB, and got lazy

    When I mentioned cutting up phrases, I meant cutting up individual notes. There are some unison licks in Phantom Brass that you can cut up and string together in different ways. This gives you a lot of variety in the attacks.....making the sound less \"MIDI-like\"

    I\'m not sure anbout Psychic horns. Wasn\'t it licks as well?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Best GigaSample CD for Big Band?

    Thanks, King. I was afraid of that, but I was hoping. I\'ve just shot my wad on upgrades to 24 track hard disk and digital console, so money is a little tight right now.

    I\'m not complaining about prices on libraries like Nick Phoenix\'s, I understand the care, commitment and expense that goes into making sound sets of that quality-and a great orchestral library still costs less than a decent synth, which has only a fraction of the capability.

    I definitely don\'t want a \'licks\' library (please mother, I\'d rather do it myself! ) but until a really definitive big band section is available, I\'d just as soon save my pennies.

    Still, for something to get started...
    Any thoughts on Jason Miles Psychic Horns? Anybody used these?

    In the meanwhile, keep me in mind when you start the big band sampling project, I\'ll be really interested in hearing the results.

    David \'Dasher\' Kempton

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    Re: Best GigaSample CD for Big Band?

    I don\'t know if Psychic Horns is a set of licks or sampled individual notes, but the literature I can find on the web implies it\'s mostly notes. That\'s why I\'m asking, I specifically don\'t want licks. And I really don\'t want to cut up existing passages, I just want to play, and add articulation either as I go or after the fact.

    I\'m VERY new to the Giga world, I\'m used to samples as static photos of a dynamic process. The only disk I currently own is the 500MB GM set, which I bought to test the possiblilty of using GS with my duo (MIDI sequences on a Sound Canvas with a singing drummer and me on a terrible piano, B3 and XP-30! I like the idea of Gigapiano with a quality set of sounds (the GM library leaves a LOT to be desired, but it\'s still mostly a great improvement over the SC88. Especially as I can replace sounds as my library improves...

    But for big band sequences, I wanted to start cheap and move up as budget permits. I also perform with a 14-piece band (not really available for sampling sessions, unfortunately!) so I know the sound well. I\'d be happy with (well, OK with!) something that sounds half-way there if I could get it for $200, but if I have to spend $500 or more, I want it to be as authentic as the symphonic work I\'m hearing from this forum\'s members (recognizing that there is a LOT of work involved-that\'s fine, keeps out the riffraff! )

    I don\'t yet understand how the whole articulation/performance etc. interaction operates, and haven\'t had the time to delve deeply into the \'help\' system. But I\'ll get there. I want a great horn section behind me, even if I have to \"be the horns...\"

    David \'Dasher\' Kempton

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    Re: Best GigaSample CD for Big Band?

    I\'ve had some very interesting ideas regarding Big Band Horns. I\'ve been mostly a Rock and Roll guitar player so I\'m not as \"familiar\" with the hornsound as I\'d like. I\'m working on a project that is all bebop and film noir right now. So I\'m learning very fast what current libraries are missing...as well I\'m learnign how to make current libraries work in my favor. Whats missing in QLB is really sizzle filled horns, and some really slower porta/staccatto attacks. The only one that has a slow swelly attack is the pink panther baritone. Dan Dean has longer portamento attack samples....but they aren\'t \"breathy\" sunce they are geared torward orchestral music.

    PLaying unison sax stuff in QLB sounds good tho. Its just that there isn\'t \"bends\" or \"glisses\" to other notes. There are rips and falls...but no bends to notes.

    The sampling session I wanted to do involved hiring some good players and getting someone who knows horns to come in and help. I have some good people lined up, and being in the Bay Area there are alot of hungry players (I dont think you NEED top players, just a good band)...but budget for this sort of \"luxury\" isn\'t there right now. I\'m sure I could do this and sell enough to make my money back...but only when I\'m more secure to spend the sort of cash needed to start it

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Best GigaSample CD for Big Band?

    Right on target with QLB. That for now is the starting point and it covers orchestra brass pretty well also. Dan Dean solo brass would also be good. Everything decent will not be cheap though. I hope someone can do a good Jazz\\big band library from hell. That would be an unfilled hole in the industry right now. (at least for Giga quality libraries)
    Have fun
    David Govett

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    Re: Best GigaSample CD for Big Band?


    You might try to find some players who\'d work on spec-give \'em a piece of the action and watch \'em really work hard...

    And yeah, there were a lot of good players when I was up there. Still are. The hard part is finding guys that already can do that section stuff tight. Maybe get one each and multitrack? Trump/bone/alto/tenor is four guys (three if the sax man doubles, five if you\'ve GOT to have bari in the room too.)

    Just a thought...

    David \'Dasher\' Kempton

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    Re: Best GigaSample CD for Big Band?

    Actually the plan was to find an actual band and sample like a band.. Start with the full ensemble for unison licks and big shords and hits, then go to individual instrument sections/ensembles, then to solos. All extensively sampled. Its not really for a sample CD library... it waas actually more for a project I\'m workign on, I thought that I\'d just go overboard and make a library as well. Obviously this project ill take thousands and involve alot of time and peopl. So I dont have enough time nor money to do it as of yet. things may change soon tho. lets hope.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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