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Topic: VIDEO: "Some Love Too Little"

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    VIDEO: "Some Love Too Little"

    I've been avoiding putting up many more "Dorian" related posts, since I did that BIg time all through 2007.

    But for those interested in seeing more of the Pentacle Theatre production from last year which Gary Garritan and "Fast Lane" Phil from the Forum attended, here's another clip.

    "Some Love Too Little" has lyrics from Oscar Wilde's poem "The Ballad of Reading Gaol," and music by me. It provided a dramatic highlight in the show, pointedly digging at Dorian's guilty conscience.

    Jeff Baer
    played James Vane who sings the song in the brothel/opium den frequented by Dorian. This is a live performance.

    All orchestral instruments are from GPO, the Bass is from JABB, the guitar is Music Lab's Real Guitar, and the drums are from the Korg X5DR hardware module.

    Some Love Too Little

    Randy B.

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    Re: VIDEO: "Some Love Too Little"

    I never tire of "Dorian" cuts, Randy -- there's so darned
    much great music in it.

    Listened through this one several times, in fact. It's
    an interesting study: Like so many of your pieces, it's
    a whole show in microcosm; with its own internal dramatic
    structure and dynamic, almost as though it were thought
    through in acts designed to intrigue, then build and climax
    into a denouement.

    Perhaps one day you might consider a few articles on
    how to write for the stage. It's abundantly evident in
    your work that one doesn't merely write individual songs
    for a production like this -- one writes stories with
    every piece

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: VIDEO: "Some Love Too Little"

    Randy - What can I say - truly wonderful to see this being performed and your true talent in writing for the stage in all its glory! (even despite YouTube's dubious sound quality) Need I say more?

    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: VIDEO: "Some Love Too Little"

    Deep breath - I'm not able to post in here as often as I used to, so it can still breathtaking - to remember that after 33 hits it's normal for as few as 2 people to pause long enough after clicking on a thread to type a response. It makes me all the more grateful that I'm hearing back from some of the folks who have taken in what I've put up here. Any of you who post regularly and watch your posts quickly sink off the prized first page --you have to know my heart is with you.

    So, making the most of this time when I know some people are hearing the results of the fruits of my labor, please indulge me as I respond to each posting listener one at a time.

    David "Et Lux," I know you've been very busy elsewhere the last few months. That's why it was with a big smile and relief that I noticed earlier this morning that you were making a cruise through our Garritan Listening Room and posting comments.

    And that makes it all the more of a special moment for me to see that one of the posts you stopped to respond to me was mine.

    Your eloquent-as-always response speaks to the sense of drama that seems to embody my musical work, and I both admit and embrace that description of what I do wholeheartedly. For a multitude of reasons, I prize the sense of drama as paramount - in music, in film, in television, in Life itself. To find and illuminate the dramatic curve of both what we experience in Real Life and in what we and others create is the crux, to me, of why anything exists.

    And so for you to find and appreciate the drama-in-miniature which can be found in a song like "Some Love..." is much appreciated by me. As with all pieces created for the stage, there is intended to be much more than what can be perceived on the surface.

    In this song - there is a small, unfinished drama concerning the singer, James Vane, and the zoftig, young prostitute who takes a shine to him as he entertains the patrons of the brothel with his melancholy song. It's in the show's script that there's both a moment of connection and then one of decision between those two characters as he sings his existential song. She makes a move, he almost accepts her invitation to intimacy, then he rejects it on the very terms of reality about which he's singing.

    Thank you for noticing that this simple, folk-like song has more to it than meets the ear. Even without the visuals and context of the song as it exists in the show, "Dorian," I hope that the deep wisdom of Oscar Wilde's classic poem can be appreciated on its own in this musical context.

    I'm agreeing that when one writes for the stage, one writes "stories with every piece" - but I'm unable to claim expertise at either always successfully doing that or being able to mentor others in How to do it. I just do what I do and claim no proficiency in most any department you could enumerate, including writing music for the stage, or writing music for Any other purpose. I just do what I do, as I have since plinking out tunes on a piano as a pre-schooler. I think truly good teachers are those more brave than me, who have somehow surmounted the doubts that keep me in what I think is my appropriate place--and that is as an eternal amateur, always re-discovering what it means to produce Anything.

    David - thank you for the reply, and for this opportunity to ramble on about what it means to me to ever dare to sit down and compose anything intended for human ears.

    Randy B.

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    Re: VIDEO: "Some Love Too Little"

    Quote Originally Posted by DelCarry View Post
    Randy - What can I say - truly wonderful to see this being performed and your true talent in writing for the stage in all its glory! (even despite YouTube's dubious sound quality) Need I say more?

    Wonderful to hear from you, Del. Thank you very much for your reply!--and no, you needn't say more. Your post cheers my heart.


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    Re: VIDEO: "Some Love Too Little"

    Wowser of a song, Brother Bowser! Left-handed guitar player no less.

    Your thespianic compositional skills continue to amaze me, Mister Randy. It's truly a gift.

    Enjoyed your work thoroughly, as usual.

    My Best,
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: VIDEO: "Some Love Too Little"


    I have thoroughly enjoyed this song from the first time I heard it pre-production. It was a treat to see it on video like this. Thanks, and post as many of these as you want to!


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    Re: VIDEO: "Some Love Too Little"

    You can post as many clips from Dorian as you like as far as I'm concerned. In fact, if you posted the whole musical I wouldn't be unhappy. I really liked this "simple" song the first time I heard it but I think the visuals are great.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: VIDEO: "Some Love Too Little"

    You guys - Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

    Glad you watched the vid and enjoyed, Larry. You may have heard this back in 2007 when I was posting all the show's numbers. I posted a vocal demo with me singing it. It was a relief to finally get the song into the very capable hands of left-handed Jeff Baer!

    Owen, thank you my friend. Some time back I had intended to put more vid clips up for you and the rest of the Forum to check out, but I think this may be only the second one I've posted - ? I had just thought perhaps "enough is enough, " but I'll do a few more, you twisted my arm.

    Trent, I think I said on a recent thread how happy I am to see you here again. I remember how back when I put up the Dorian numbers before the show was produced here in town, that you were one of the faithful listeners. Thanks!

    OK, so I'll take my time, but I'll put up a few more clips from the show. It's very fun to share them with the gang here.


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    Re: VIDEO: "Some Love Too Little"

    Hi Randy,

    Lovely to see the finished fruits once again.

    I too would encourage you to put show us more stuff. Any further developments in the Russian situation?

    By the way, in the video, bang on 3:00, there is a typo in the text overlay - the word "exclusively".

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