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Topic: A Moment of Contentment - Gofriller and Guitar

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    A Moment of Contentment - Gofriller and Guitar

    Hi all - this is a piece based on a guitar progression that just came to me through my fingers one day a couple of years ago that I really liked. It was so intuitive that one time I had to actually think of what to play, I could simply not and had to fluff it in a live situation. When I just let my fingers just do it and not think about it, there was no problem. I am sure many of you have had a similar experience at some time!

    I then developed and refined it some more and added some Gofriller cello to reinforce the piece and add some much needed texture etc.

    Hope you enjoy it! I must admit it was an extra challenge dealing with some non-midi audio recording and virtual stuff together. I has been a long while and really helped me appreciate the flexibility we have with midi even more.

    As per usual - anything that needs work or attention, in any aspect - recording, rendering and mixing, please speak up.


    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: A Moment of Contentment - Gofriller and Guitar

    Del - If there's ever been a perfectly titled piece, this has to be it. "A Moment of Contentment"---it was for me as well as you, until--

    --the end. - ? What happened? Maybe you didn't realize when you made the MP3 of the piece, but it cuts out before the Guitar or the Cello ring out on the final notes.

    But picturing the process is wonderful to contemplate, as the music came to you. You played it, and then later you reinforced it with the late and much lameneted Garritan Gofriller Cello.

    It's beauty, this piece. I do hope you have an audio file without the truncated ending, because up until then, I was enraptured.


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    Re: A Moment of Contentment - Gofriller and Guitar


    I have to agree with Randy - the piece ends suddenly; did you run out of tape

    Seriously, what a lovely piece! Very sweet without being cloying, something that is very hard to do. You have just the right balance of harmony and melody, with both being simple enough, yet totally effective when combined.

    Nice way to start the day.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: A Moment of Contentment - Gofriller and Guitar

    Hi Del, I think this is a nice piece with very nice playing, and since you asked ... I have some suggestions that will make it better, if I may

    Just before the guitar on the right makes it's entrance, I hear the volume control of the first guitar being turned down. The listener should never detect someone messing with volume. Also, it is evident that you used the same take of the guitars I think three times, and the volume being lowered is probably due to the splice going back into the same take.

    The cello is too loud. If this was recorded with a stereo mic, or two mics in stereo with the guitars on the left and right, the cello would not be nearly this loud or resonant. I would lower the cello's volume by at least 6-8 db. during it's loudest notes, maybe more, and also lower 200 hz with an EQ to get rid of the over zealous fatness of the cello that it has in this context. I would recommend lowering the EQ till the cello starts to sound thin, then go back up a tad, this will make the cello and the guitars mesh beautifully with each other.

    Copying and pasting is something that many of us do because we can... but you should have replayed the second and third section instead of copying and pasting. Not only is it evident that the same takes repeat musically, but the volume being lowered unnaturally again is another giveaway that it was pasted. You are a great player. I'm not saying it has to be played differently, just not the same take repeated.

    I think your attention to detail with the cello is very good, but I would go back and set most all of the velocities extremely high (above 90) where notes are connected (legato) except the first note of each phrase. This will eliminate the excessive portamenti. If you do this,, your cellist will sound like a note accurate professional symphony player. Two places that the velocity should be lowered to around 5-10 is at 1:17 and 2:17 where the "note on" velocity is too aggressive. Some portamenti is good, but almost every note is sliding into the next like a cellist with little experience.

    I would also use the same amount of reverb on the cello as the guitars currently have, not more. This is an intimate environment that the guitars have created, but the exposed cutoffs of the cello sound like it is in a concert hall by itself which isn't natural.

    I too agree with Randy about the end, I think the song should resolve. BUT, if you were to replay the guitars, if you made a huge retard at the end, you would not have to resolve. Maybe start to retard @ 2:37 from 86 bpm to about 70 by the end, that would be awesome!

    I sound like I have been very negative, that is not my motive, but rather to recommend experimenting with these suggestions, because this song is worth polishing.

    Thanks for posting Del, I appreciate your talent.

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    Re: A Moment of Contentment - Gofriller and Guitar

    I liked this a lot. The only thing I caught was, as everyone else, I think it ends rather abrubtly.

    Except the ending I would have thought it was perfect as is, but after reading Dan's comments I know it could be better with his suggestions. If you do decide to re-record following his suggestions, please post the results.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: A Moment of Contentment - Gofriller and Guitar


    A VERY beautiful piece of music you've got here. Very reflective and Content

    At first I was going to suggest some contrasting material almos a bridge of sorts. However as I thought about my response I thought more about what you're trying to convey and I think it works quite well as it is. This is just an opinion of course and I think the argument could be made for contrast musically speaking, but again I think the "moment" you're conveying works well.

    Except for maybe the moment was interrupted by a phone call or something

    Very nice Del. I always like your sense of melody.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: A Moment of Contentment - Gofriller and Guitar

    I really enjoyed this Del, thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Re: A Moment of Contentment - Gofriller and Guitar

    A very lovely, calming respite in tranquility, Del... which
    I enjoyed enough on first listening to hear it once again.

    I'll leave the technical haggling to those more astute;
    and simply say thank you for this one... my ears and the
    day are better for it.

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: A Moment of Contentment - Gofriller and Guitar


    This is a really beautiful piece!

    The guitar part is lovely and you added to it an excellent part of the gofriller.

    The balance between the two, compositionally, is very pleasant and soothing to hear as they complement each other beautifully.

    I would have liked to hear both instruments equally throughout, with just one or the other, at certain points, a bit more forward...

    Another thing I would have done is a rounded slowdown at the end of phrases and especially so at the abrupt ending...

    Hearing this really makes me want to learn to play on a guitar and to wish I had the gofriller…!

    Thank you for a very enjoyable hearing and do let your fingers play intuitively more often!


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    Wilton, NH

    Re: A Moment of Contentment - Gofriller and Guitar

    I listened again and decided to put this in a new post - if I edited the old one you might not catch it. Anyway, I didnt say this in the original post but I really love the way the cello part works with the guitar - it just fits so well. Never mind technical aspects of recording, when I just sit back and listen it sounds great.
    Trent P. McDonald

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