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Topic: Jim Roseberry: Purrfect Drums 2 ???

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    Jim Roseberry: Purrfect Drums 2 ???

    Jim, you have spoiled me. Now I need more!

    What I would really like is a set of brush samples with the same quality and detail as your Purrrfect drums. Is there a plan for a follow up, and if so, when can we expect it?

    Jacob Winkler

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    Re: Jim Roseberry: Purrfect Drums 2 ???

    I really miss brushes in this set...otherwise it is very complete.

    A great buy IMHO.



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    Re: Jim Roseberry: Purrfect Drums 2 ???

    Hi Guys,

    I just finished the HALion crossport, so my attention will now focus on creating two new sample sets.

    1. Brushes and Blassticks

    2. A HUGE collection of snare drums

    One thing that you can count on is that I won\'t let Purrrfect Drums stagnate.

    Jim Roseberry www.studiocat.com

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    Re: Jim Roseberry: Purrfect Drums 2 ???

    Thats great news. I have been using the kicks, hats and cymbals alot. They are unparalleled. Wouldn\'t mind some more toms as well. Big ambient ones with alot of dynamics and some rototoms.

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