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Topic: GPO Multis - where?

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    GPO Multis - where?


    well, I am like any other man. Starting to work with a new tool, software, technical item, the first I do is....throwing away the operation instruction manual. Better shouldn't have done it for GPO.
    Just today I stepped of this little manual and it tells me about a whole list of orchestral multi preset which should be somewhere inside the instruments selection panel. But the folder for multis in my Kontakt Player is just empty. Are they part of the initial scope of supply? Can I domnload them somewhere? Any hints welcome!

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    Re: GPO Multis - where?

    Hi, Ray - That's a fairly typical story, for a new GPO user to at first ignore the manual. But, as you're discovering, it's best not to do that with GPO. A major thing people miss out on by not looking at the manual is that volume for the instruments is controlled by MIDI Controller 1 (Modulation wheel) instead of the usual CC7. They end up wondering why they can't get any volume out of the instruments.

    The Multis should have been installed with GPO. In the Kontakt Player, on the left where you see the GPO GUI, click the Multi menu. It's there inbetween the Instruments and Info tabs. Don't look for the Multis in the KP2 shell itself, but there on the GPO GUI. Lots of helpful pre-sets of instrument groupings, instant Woodwind section, instant Horn section etc.

    Take a look again, and let us know if you found the Multis.

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO Multis - where?

    HI Randy,

    thanks for the help. The problem is, I have a "Multi" menu entry, but it's empty. It's located right below all the different instruments and it's the only one that's empty :-(

    Can I download them somewhere??

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    Re: GPO Multis - where?

    Hi, Ray

    I don't understand your description of where your Multi tab is. It's not "...below all the different instruments..." It's right next to the Instruments tab, to the right.

    The Multis are on your GPO installation disc. - SO - hummm.


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    Re: GPO Multis - where?


    seems as if I have got the copy of GPO which does NOT contain the Multis...

    Well, there is a large button in KONTAKT which says "load"...then there is a menu where you can select
    - woodwinds
    - Brass
    - Percussion
    - Harps
    - Keyboards
    - Pipe Organ
    - Solo Strings
    - Section Strings
    and finally
    - Multis

    but selecting Multis, it's empty... no additional entry there...

    Haven't found anything on the disc either :-(

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    Re: GPO Multis - where?

    There's a sticky entry about missing multis - here's the link


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    Re: GPO Multis - where?

    Ray, do yourself a favor and upgrade to Kontakt Player 2. It's much better than the KP1, you are using. Once you have upgraded, all the Multis will be in place as described by Randy.

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    Re: GPO Multis - where?

    Ah--Good catch, Nickie---I didn't get it that he's not on KP2. Well - now we're getting somewhere!

    And Fred - Thanks for posting the link for him. I'd forgotten that way back there was a Multi issue.

    Everything is explained on that thread - and the bottom line is to upgrade to the current KP2 version, as Nickie said.


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    Re: GPO Multis - where?

    Wooohooooo... ;-)

    Now that's what I call an update... Found the multis but the Kontakt frontend now looks and behaves completely different... need to check this out first. Thanks mates!!

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