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Topic: Cradle Song

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    Cradle Song

    Hello All,

    This my second posting, and for me it is somewhat nostalgic, for I used to play this for my children many years ago. It is from 5 Pieces for Harmonica and Piano by Gordon Jacobs a 20th century English composer, who sadly lacks the recognition he deserves.

    Any suggestions for improvement would be gratefully appreciated.


    I would also like to thank Michael, DarwinKopp, Rhap2, Ron and Randy for all the help they gave for my first post. Below is a link to the revised version of the first post if you wish to listen to it. It is as good as I can get it with my level of skill at the moment.


    Thanks again.


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    Re: Cradle Song


    What a beautiful piece! I haven't heard about Gordon Jacobs yet so I am very glad you introduced me to him. Same goes for the Zipoli piece!

    I enjoyed very much hearing both pieces and I think you have done a great job!

    I will, though, comment on the mix in 'Cradle Song'.

    The strings start fine, but when the flute comes in they are lowered too much. They should still be heard for us to hear those beautiful harmonies sustaining the flute part.
    At the end around 2:28 the strings are suddenly louder and then lowered again.

    I feel they should be on the same level more or less throughout, with little wavelets...
    to soothe the little to sleep...


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    Re: Cradle Song

    Great to see you here again, Albert!

    "Cradle Song"--so pretty, and you've realized it really well. You have the Flute nice and smooth - I remember in your first post there was an issue of not using CC64 on the Oboe.

    I do agree with Yudit that the strings could be up in the mix. They do sound very peaceful and appropriately supportive of the Flute, but they could still come up without taking away focus from your soloist.

    Very nice work--Thanks!


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    Re: Cradle Song

    Very nice work Albert.

    Just bring those strings up a bit and it's perfect.
    I was wondering what notes are used for the flute line? They sound "off-set". Triplets perhaps? Or am I hearing "things" ...

    Great job!
    But would like to hear more of "your" work soon.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Cradle Song

    Very pretty piece. I enjoyed it. You did a good job with the rendering. Other than the comments the others had, I see no problems.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Cradle Song

    A very lovely piece, Albert; with its meandering flute and
    breathing strings. The melodic work is quite alluring...
    evocative and moving; slightly wistful and with a touch of
    wonder to it.

    With others, a little more balancing of the mix and
    you're there.

    Well done!

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Cradle Song

    I would like to thank you all for taking time to listen to the "Cradle Song", and for your generous comments and suggestions re the strings - I will certainly do some more work on the mix.

    As I work my way through GPO I keep finding subtle nuances available that at first don't seem to do much, but when they are integrated into the whole they can make a considerable difference i.e. the use of cc21 and 23 and some detuning of instruments. I remember when I used to play in a band we always tuned the saxes slightly sharp to give more "sparkle" - I have only just realised that this can be done in Garritan.

    The whole of this software is a huge learning experience for me, as well as a slow process for I am not very computer or midi literate, and I can only thank you again for your kind input and suggestions.

    Oh, Michael, with regard to the flute line, the notes are quavers (8th notes?) it is just the way I played them on the keyboard that may have given the illusion they are offset triplets.

    Thanks again,


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