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Topic: Release Samples How-to??? (Newbie)

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    Release Samples How-to??? (Newbie)

    Howdy everyone,
    Got a question I need help with. Im just starting to program my own Cello with samples that I have accumulated. My question is...HOW DO I ASSIGN A RELEASE SAMPLE??? I thought I\'d been through everything on the wizard...but still...I am clueless...could someone please help a newbie???


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    Re: Release Samples How-to??? (Newbie)

    There are basically two ways to go.

    A) The one-by-one approach
    1. Mark all regions to be affected.
    2. Choose \'Click to assign dimension\'
    in the Dimension view(lower midscreen,
    next to the Velocity view)
    3. Make a 1 bit(2-splits) dimension and
    from the Control source choose
    \'Release Trigger\'. Remember to
    check the \'Apply to all regions\'.
    4. Assign samples to the new layer.

    B) The Combine approach.
    1. Having made 2 instruments, one with
    your initial instrument and another
    with your come to be release samples,
    use the \'Combine Instrument\' option.
    2. When combining choose Release trigger
    from \'Using this controller\'.

    In both a) and b) you\'ll have to adjust
    the \'Release trigger decay\' and possibly
    the \'Release vel. response\' values on the
    Response Tab (Lower right view)

    best regards

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