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Topic: Does aftertouch matter?

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    Does aftertouch matter?

    As orchestral composers, do you guys use aftertouch on your keyboards? Is it worth the extra cost?

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    Re: Does aftertouch matter?

    I have to admit I wouldn't have deliberately paid more for a keyboard with it. But it happened to come on a keyboard, that I bought for its breath controller input and now I'm quite glad I have it.

    Sometimes it's the most natural feeling controller for something. FOr instance, the Soniccouture GuZheng has pitch bend assigned to aftertouch, so that you play a string, then press harder to bend it. Somehow the application of pressure just feels right.

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    Re: Does aftertouch matter?

    All of the Garritan Libraries have vibrato mapped to aftertouch. If you want to play/record vibrato live, you have to have it. I always add vibrato after the fact with controller envelopes, so I could live without it.

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