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Topic: Xsample Chamber Orchestra

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    Xsample Chamber Ensemble

    Anyone here own this? I just checked it out at Try-sound.com and I was kind of blown away at the quality of the sounds. It's hard to tell the real playability because of the latency issues at try-sound but from what I could tell, it really seemed nice. I also noticed that it all seemed very warm sounding in a pleasant way. I especially liked the mod wheel on the solo strings and the tone of the celeste. I've been wanting a nice sounding celeste like you hear in the movies for a long time. I think I own three of them and none of them have ever been to my liking in that respect. This library nails it though. As a bonus, the Steinway sounded really good too. I'd love to hear from anyone who has more experience with this lib. THanks.


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    Re: Xsample Chamber Orchestra

    Hi Eric,
    I own the complete collection, and I really like it.
    The sound is really nice, clear and very close.
    The programming is easy to use but has a lot of articulations and features.
    Anyway, I re-programmed most of the instruments to fit into my workflow.
    Its suprising how the modwhell fade works without flanging.
    X-Sample is just perfect if you write with score programs like Sibelius.

    I don't use the instruments too much for chamber music,
    just because this is not my favorite style of music,
    But the X-Sample strings blend very well with large section-strings
    from other libraries like EW, Kirk Hunter or Vienna.
    I often double a large strings section line with the solo strings and drive
    the volume to create some variations in the violin melodies.

    The Celeste is great, I don't use the piano because I have others.

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: Xsample Chamber Orchestra

    Actually i thinked also this product but i must test strings (at least) with different articulations first. Why dont tested actually i dont find before how change articulations. this very hard in my 61 key synth. but i made some tests and i looked manual. Some reason i think there is no sound violin patches body harmonics or something similar and some others also dont make any sound i think i look engines level meter and i use my own ears.
    ps. soon i can look with my soundcard level (EMU 0404 pci patchmix program) meters. i think even these dont move. what is wrong ? but i still like some sounds in this set. for example oboe... oddly now i can get sound with these harmonics.

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    Re: Xsample Chamber Orchestra

    Some patches make no sounds unless you move the modwheel up a bit.

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    Re: Xsample Chamber Orchestra

    I all allfredy found this modwheel stuff but some sounds i think these maybe need more. And some sounds dont use all keys...

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    Re: Xsample Chamber Orchestra

    Quote Originally Posted by JUPEKU View Post
    I all allfredy found this modwheel stuff but some sounds i think these maybe need more. And some sounds dont use all keys...
    Oops, my keyboard has got 88 keys and all orchestra instruments in my libraries dont use all that 88 keys.... .
    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Xsample Chamber Orchestra

    Reverb is form is natural or computer generated ? i ask i want maybe mix them other orchestral libraries.

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    Re: Xsample Chamber Orchestra

    Dear Musicans,

    we like to celebrate 10 Years Xsample and inform you about these special offers:

    Xsample Chamber Ensemble 50% off till December 31, 2009
    Xsample Chamber Ensemble includes
    - Solostrings
    - Woodwinds
    - Mallets and Percussions
    - Harp, Steinway and Keyboards

    Please use this link for Demos

    For immediate download please visit SoundsOnDemand:


    Xsample Chamber Ensemble 4 part download edition:

    All Virtual instruments and Add-Ons 40% off till December 31 2009

    Xsample Foreign and Unusual Instruments:

    Chromatic steel drum
    8 string guitar
    Steinway B
    Prepared piano

    (you need Kontakt 2 or higher for these products)

    40% off till December 31, 2009

    Please keep in mind also the always active 10% SoundsOnDemand discount for buying more than one product within the same order!

    All the best


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    Re: Xsample Chamber Orchestra

    I can highly reccommend this deal. The Ensemble is excellent with the strings standing out and some nice add-ons like weird percussions make this library a true deal. With the 50% reduction you can´t go wrong.
    For me this is the solution for small ensembles and especially string trios or quartetts.
    Haven´t ried to blend it with my KH libraries but it should work pretty well.
    best regards

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    Re: Xsample Chamber Orchestra

    Hi All,

    Has anyone been able to find the download option for the full ensemble? I checked at Sounds on Demand but I only see the add ons offered.

    Regards John

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