I've had to install a new hard drive in my computer, and I now I'm having difficulty getting all of my software to work together again. I've been through the NI Service Center and downloaded and installed everything in sight, but Finale isn't 'seeing' everything, and the NI Service Center says I have authorized the JABB KP2 (whatever that is...).

I've gone into my Finale VST folder and installed everything I've got, but it still seems that there are some VST .dll files missing. Before my old hard drive crashed I had three libraries to choose from: JABB, Garritan Voices for Finale and all of the concert band voices. Now it only 'sees' JABB, even though I'm certain I've installed the JABB 2009 update.

What's supposed to be in my Finale VST folder, and how do I get authorization for this JABB KP2?

Thanks a lot. Projects are getting delayed while I fool around with this re-installation business...

...Brent (in Ontario)