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Topic: Some basic questions about recording with Reaper 3

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    Question Some basic questions about recording with Reaper 3

    I am a complete newbie with digital recording and just downloaded a trial copy of Reaper 3. I have a brand new PC with 1 Gig of RAM and a 2.8 Gig Intel CPU. I have a keyboard with a MIDI output and some orchestra software that runs under Kontakt 2.

    Question 1: I don't know how to get the sounds produced by the virtual orchestra into Reaper. How?

    Question 2: I don't really understand the overall concept. Here is my best guess: Set the system up so that MIDI is going both to the orchestra to produce sound and to Reaper to be recorded. The idea is to minimize load on the CPU and recording MIDI is much cheaper than recording audio. Then play back the MIDI tracks into the orchestra while recording audio. I assume that the sound card can mix the orchestra and audio input and I can hear that while playing. Then once recording is finished, play back the MIDI data to the orchestra software and record the resulting audio. Then fiddle with it all, then make a "master."


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    Re: Some basic questions about recording with Reaper 3

    Guessing that "some orchestra software" is Garritan one, i suggest you to spent some time at the reaper forum, since appear you need to understand the basics about how it works.
    What you will do is record midi data inside reaper. The midi data, per se, dont have any sound. The sound will be produced by the orchestra sounding in Kontakt 2. After you finish your orchestra music, you need to "render" your project to an audio file.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Some basic questions about recording with Reaper 3


    First of all welcome to the forum. I think you'll find it a helpful place.

    Having said that I do think you'll have to read the manual to get started. I'm a Finale/Sonar user myself but I did download Reaper3 to check it out. I'm thinking about changing my DAW software. I will say that Reaper3 is less intuitive than Sonar but it might be a matter of what I'm used to. Since you're coming at it from scratch you might find Reaper very easy once you get the basics down.

    I think you're on the right track as far as your understanding goes. I think the simplest way to set up Garritan in reaper is outlined on p. 333 of the manual. It's pretty clear with screenshots.

    Let us know how you get along with these instructions.

    Steve Winkler

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