Hello and thanks in advance for any help.

I'm trying to get JABB up and running, and encountering several problems. I have updated to 2.2.4

1) Service Center wants an activation key, which I do not have. I have entered my serial # and registered. Wrote to NI. No response yet.

2) Service Center under JABB Versions states "No Application Found." Huh?

3) In both standalone and RTAS, KP shows Jazz and Big Band KP2 in the Libraries pane of the browser with the yellow demo warning icon to the left. No amount of clicking on this will do anything. Nothing shows up in the "Instruments" or "Multis" windows beneath that. If I click on the It is as if it doesn't see the drive where I have the content loaded.

However, instruments and multis do show up under the "User Instruments" and "User Multis" tabs. I feel as though I am missing the point of the browser window.

4) Using the Load... command, I am able to load individual instruments and multis, but can anyone tell me what the .nkc and ,nks files are? They are not mentioned in the manual. they look important, as their file names begin with GJBB_Library_part# and Jazz and Big Band KP2_info

Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this.