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Topic: FYI – Et Lux's “Sosnowski Synthesizer”--WOW!

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    Thumbs up FYI – Et Lux's “Sosnowski Synthesizer”--WOW!

    Fellow Forumites – Recently David “Et Lux” mentioned he was creating a new soft synth VST. On a General Discussion thread he posted a screen shot of a sleek, blue synth interface with his name on it – and at first I thought it was one of his (in)famous visual jokes, like the upside down Karnak pictures with David's face superimposed.

    But it turned out David was seriously developing an analog-style synth, inspired by his interest in using synth sounds in his own work, ala Wendy Carlos. Finding no existing VSTs which have the interface simplicity combined with sonic sophistication he was hoping for, David rolled up his sleeves and started “rolling his own” synth - !

    Well! - The Sosnowski Synthesizer (SS) is now finished. I've tried it out, and as per my subject line, I have one word: WOW!--And that stands for:

    W=Works like a charm
    O=Open and easy to use
    W=Wonderful on the ears

    I've tried many soft synths, and most of them share the problems of being disorganized in their architecture and of limited use. The SS turns out to be The best VSTi I've ever tried. The pre-sets are instantly inspiring and the interface makes intuitive sense so you can come up with new sounds with ease – NO arcane programming knowledge is needed.

    We're accustomed to the pleasure of hearing the great music composed by our fellow Garritan users. But we don't expect each other to be equally brilliant in the kind of technical know-how it takes to create something like this SS. That's one more reason I HAD to alert you all about this.

    We can all use a good, solid, go-to soft synth, and now we can turn to someone we already know and admire for that very thing. As a classically trained and highly imaginative composer, I feel that David couldn't help but bring his artistry along with him when he sat down to put together a soft synth which is truly musically useful. Well – there's no doubt in my mind he succeeded marvelously, and now I'm dying for the rest of you to find out what I'm talking about!

    The SS has gone online with virtually no fanfare, so I got inspired to come here to General Discussion and blow a hearty horn loud enough for everyone to hear. You simply Must go to David's SS page:


    Let me know when you've had a chance to check it out!


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    Re: FYI – Et Lux's “Sosnowski Synthesizer”--WOW!


    You got here first.

    I haven't bought the SS yet (but I plan very shortly...). Thing is that I did try the demo which has NO TIME LIMITS, except for a short gap every minute (otherwise David would be giving his fabulous synth for free).

    Toying a little bit with all the knobs and buttons (and there's many of them) I decided that I WANT THIS LITTLE BEAST!

    But, I'm just holding all my buys until I get some money my way...

    Big congrats David for your wonderful instrument (and for being who you are! YAY! )

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    Re: FYI – Et Lux's “Sosnowski Synthesizer”--WOW!

    Great, Nikolas - Glad you're getting the SS. You'll love it!

    From David's synth site - an enticing screen shot:


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    Re: FYI – Et Lux's “Sosnowski Synthesizer”--WOW!

    No AU version. shamus.

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    Re: FYI – Et Lux's “Sosnowski Synthesizer”--WOW!

    "...No AU version. shamus..." Maybe because Windows still RULES! hehe.

    Maybe David can check in on this thread and speak to that. Maybe AU is in the works?


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    Re: FYI – Et Lux's “Sosnowski Synthesizer”--WOW!

    No Mac version even thought it can run as a VST?

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    Re: FYI – Et Lux's “Sosnowski Synthesizer”--WOW!

    Hi NeoDavinci

    I thought VSTs had to be adapted to AUs to work on a Mac - if an AU version of a plugin doesn't exist?


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    Re: FYI – Et Lux's “Sosnowski Synthesizer”--WOW!

    Hi All,

    First and foremost -- a huge thanks to Gary Garritan for again
    allowing me to the privilege of presenting the new synth, here.
    Thank you, my friend, sincerely. I don't think there's another
    soundware developer on earth who'd have this generosity of

    But it went deeper than that. Gary's been behind me all the
    way on this, one of the biggest cheerleader's I've got. Without
    his encouragement, I well may not have followed through on this.

    Second, another great thanks to Randy Bowser. Randy jumped
    on board willingly to beta test, and wow, what a booster he's
    been all the way through -- even doing one of the premier demos
    for me. Randy, no stranger to projects that take persistence
    and hard effort himself, has been a continual supporter and
    enthusiastic friend both to me and this project. Thank you,
    my friend.

    And more friends to thank: our own Danny Williams dove in
    on beta testing, too; and did several first-rate demos for me.
    I've said before that Danny could make two soup cans and a
    kazoo sound good -- and he brought his usual top skills to bear
    on this. Thank you, Danny.

    Also my thanks to my long-time friend William DeWitt (valhalx
    in the forum), who contributed some really superb Mozart to the
    demo line-up. Thank you, Bill.

    May I also thank the Garritan Forum membership in general.
    So many of you have been endlessly kind and supportive of
    my musical efforts.

    It is my hope that my modest entry into the making of software
    instruments will bring to you one more useful tool for the
    creation of your own music!

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: FYI – Et Lux's “Sosnowski Synthesizer”--WOW!

    I downloaded the demo version and played around with it. It's a lot of fun.

    Congratulations on this super development, Mister David. I know that it's going to be successful.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: FYI – Et Lux's “Sosnowski Synthesizer”--WOW!

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    "...No AU version. shamus..." Maybe because Windows still RULES! hehe.

    Maybe David can check in on this thread and speak to that. Maybe AU is in the works?

    The plugin appear to be done in SynthMaker, a VST programming language, that dont have OSX versions, so i guess is not chance of that.
    Marcelo Colina

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