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Topic: New website

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    New website

    Finished, that's to say, there are a couple of things I have to do, but don't know how (play lists, e.g.). For the new albums of Classic Ragtime I (the number II isn't finished yet) and Art Tatum I used MIDI files I once downloaded (back in 2002/2003 I think).

    A lot of titles in the Art Tatum albums are cryptic, but I will do some searching to get them right. How could I be sure, that those MIDI files are arrangements of Art Tatum? Luckily it says so.

    I treated those Ragtime files and Art's file as if they were Schumann's, with the same care for tempi and rendering. It took quite a lot of listening to material I already have on CD to match the tempi of the past and in particular the Art Tatum stuff. He is really wonderful and a master of harmony.

    I'll hope you enjoy listening,

    [see below for the link to my website]

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    Re: New website

    Well, darn you Raymond! Now I'll never get anything done!

    Great site filled with great music by a talented and inspiring musician ... Thanks for sharing.

    I just spent a half hour perusing ... of course you know I would tear into your Ragtime and Tatum albums ... very nice! Your's/Art's "Honeysuckle Rose" I'm sure raised a "Fat's eyebrow" or two when this rendition was first recorded. It sure rivals any version Mr. Waller himself created. You gotta love the "Pretty Baby" quote ... very enjoyable.

    BTW, having just returned from a nearly 3,000 mile motor trip vacation to the Midwest, I was finally able to listen several times to your Symphony No.1 "The Fall of Babylon". All I can say, beyond that I loved the music, is that I am in awe of what you created ... such a polished, dramatic, and large scale work. You are a true inspiration to this community.



    One further aside: Running around like a chicken without a head trying to get all our CD's together for our trip, I was testing them all to make sure they played when I mistakenly popped-in your piece ... I was disoriented and was sure it was the beginning to one of my many Bernard Herrmann CD's I always bring along! All those dramatic and brooding low register lines at the beginning. I hope you accept this anecdote as a compliment ... there was no greater musical dramatist (IMO) than 'Benny'.

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