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Topic: Multiple Instances of GPO in Pro Tools

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    Multiple Instances of GPO in Pro Tools

    I have GPO with Kontak Player 2 in Pro Tools 7.4. According to something I found on the forum, you have to load multiple instances of Kontak 2 and set each of them to channel 1. This works well for the first couple, but when I add the third one or more, when I try to record, the keyboad plays one of the others as well. The only way to prevent this is to disable the others. I don't think it is a problem with my pc as the resources are not near capacity. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help!!


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    Re: Multiple Instances of GPO in Pro Tools

    Hi, Brad - An important caveat right at the start of my reply - I use Sonar, not Pro Tools - so I'm not the best source of an answer for you.

    But - It's not clear to me from your brief post exactly what it is you're doing, and so it's possible that a Pro Tools user who may be able to help you would also have difficulty filling in the blanks you've left.

    When you mention the advise you've gotten about setting each instance of Kontakt on Channel One - that's right. And it's because each instance of Kontakt, or of any "soft synth" is a unit unto itself. Insert one KP2 and it has MIDI channels 1 through 16 available. Insert next KP2 - a whole new set of channels 1 through 16.

    That means that your sequencing software shouldn't be confused if a project is laid out correctly - Remember my reference is Sonar, and I'm not sure what does and doesn't apply to PT. - But with all audio tracks associated with the distinct instances of KP2, and with the proper MIDI routing on all associated tracks - there should be no confusion.

    I think perhaps you're allowing instruments to share MIDI channels. You need to make sure each instrument you load has its own discrete channel AND that its sound is set to come out of a separate audio channel.

    So when you say, "... when I try to record, the keyboad plays one of the others as well..." it certainly sounds to me as if you've let instruments be on the same MIDI channel, and when you've done that, of course they'll be playing at the same time when you play your keyboard.

    Helpful? I hope so.


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