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Topic: My new piece composed with the Sosnowski Synthesizer

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    My new piece composed with the Sosnowski Synthesizer

    When I sat down to see about composing something that David might be able to use for demoing his super Sosnowski Synthesizer, it turned out to be an unusually short term project for me. Once I started trying out the pre-sets that come with the SS, I just dove in and started writing, and the entire piece came out in just a couple of days--extremely fast for me.

    Turns out David liked my SS inspired piece "Emphatico" enough that he put it on his site's demo page!

    Here it is ready to play straight from Box:


    And here's the site with more demos and full info on this amazing project of David's.

    The SS Site.

    I think it's understood that I'm posting this here instead of The Listening Room, because this piece is totally SS driven, not Garritan Library driven.

    I sure hope to hear what other Forum members come up with using this perfect little synth!


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    Re: My new piece composed with the Sosnowski Synthesizer

    Cool piece, Randy! Many of the sounds remind of Wendy Carlos' Switched on Bach.


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    Re: My new piece composed with the Sosnowski Synthesizer

    My heavens, Randy, you're most definitely having more
    fun with this than I am... rofl!

    It *is* one heck of a ride though, that piece -- absolutely
    classic Randy Bowser... again, my thanks for your kindness
    in letting me use it on the site.

    (Anyone else with demos is welcome to contact me about
    them via the Support form on the www.SSynth.com site. If
    you've got a hot one, it'd be my pleasure to host it --
    though do keep the length reasonable.)

    Many thanks again to Gary for his gracious and generous
    kindness in regard to this project.

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: My new piece composed with the Sosnowski Synthesizer

    "...Many of the sounds remind of Wendy Carlos' Switched on Bach..."

    Right on, Jim! That's the perfect description for the SS since it's an emulation of the analog Moog-style synths used "back in the day" when "Switched on Bach" and "Clockwork Orange" were done.

    I remember Carlos saying at one time that when synths were purely electronic and making these unique, abstracted sounds - that they were "pure" instruments, and the music made with them was more --well, more artistic in those pre-sampling days. She explained how after bringing a new sound into a piece which was vaguely emulative of any given instrument, then she would program it to become simpler and less realistic as the piece progressed.

    A lot to be said for the old synths and the sounds they make - and considering how popular they are again - I think they'll always remain an important part of the computer musician's arsenal.

    David - you are so more than welcome for the demo I did with the SS. It was pure pleasure to do!


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    Re: My new piece composed with the Sosnowski Synthesizer

    Only synth music? You may want enter this contest:

    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: My new piece composed with the Sosnowski Synthesizer

    I had heard this earlier when exploring the SSynth site. As David said, pure Randy Bowser.

    I really enjoyed this and the explorations of the different sounds from the SSynth it demonstrates.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: My new piece composed with the Sosnowski Synthesizer


    We use the same notes, the same libraries and the same sequencer and yet our music is so very different. Your music is almost always upbeat and lively, while mine is often dark and foreboding.

    This piece, although made entirely of David's synth, is in the same style as your GPO pieces which I enjoy so much. When I think synths, I almost always think dark. I may just have to force myself into trying something more along this vein just to see if I can do it. You need not worry of being overshadowed by my meager attempt at your style. You will always be the king of that domain.

    Great peice to showcase David's synth.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: My new piece composed with the Sosnowski Synthesizer

    Nice work Randy, and nice work David!

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    Re: My new piece composed with the Sosnowski Synthesizer

    While listening I couldn't help imaging a maze of patch cords!
    Wider is better.

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    Re: My new piece composed with the Sosnowski Synthesizer

    Marce--Thanks for the info on the interesting synth composition contest currently running at KVR! - It's to promote the Crystal synth, but DAVID - take a look! - Perhaps you could consider running a contest based on those KVR guidelines with folks using your SS!

    Trent--Have I said recently how good it is to see you back at the Forum? Well I say it now if I haven't before. It's Great to see you here. Thanks for listening to my little SS project - glad you enjoyed!

    Ron, really fun response you wrote. Thanks for saying my demo shows the SS off well. My basic goal was to use a wide variety of SS sounds to showcase the synth's flexibile possibilities.

    And it's so interesting what you said about how hearing synth sounds makes you think of Dark, but that I seem to think of Light.

    I know for certain that there are two associations with the old Moog analog synth sounds which I can't help but make:

    1) "A Clockwork Orange" - the totally brilliant synth arrangements of Beethoven and the classically grounded pieces Wendy Carlos composed for the film. All bubbling and bursting with energy.

    2) The Beatles use of synths sprinkled throughout the songs on "Abbey Road." That was so early in the development of synths - my friends and I would hear the new sounds and basically have the reaction, "WHAT the heck was that?!?!"

    Those associations undoubtedly color my approach.

    And it's interesting that you think of my style being usually upbeat and lively - I enjoy hearing that!--Theatre in general is a constant source of inspiration, with its stylized, comic/dramatic extremes, so I do feel I have a concern about having a dramatic through-line in what I write. But "upbeat" is harder for me to associate with work - I'm fairly constantly fighting my tendency to compose down, morose music which I censor myself against because I know there aren't many people who want to hear that. The music which I allow to escape from my home studio is "brighter" than the darker meanderings I leave unfinished.

    I would agree that "dark and forboding" are fair words to desribe your music in a general way. I would add that there's high drama in your work also.

    Which reminds me - I see you have a SS/GPO hybrid piece up in The Listening Room. Looking forward to hearing it!

    Alan - Thanks much! I bet you would come up with something special with the SS, so I hope we can look forward to that!


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