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Topic: Gigastudio 160 problem

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    Gigastudio 160 problem

    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with Gigastudio 160 ... I have some glitches ! I have two 20 gigs IDE HDD, more than 350 megs ram on a PIII-133 ... is it the drives or a bad configuration in the software or Windows 98 ? Each HDD have around 18 gigs of samplers (more Gigastudio)... Can I have some help ?

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    Re: Gigastudio 160 problem

    Hi Syquest,

    1. Is your CPU really a PIII 133? I didn\'t think they made them that slow...

    2. What brand/model hard drives do you use?

    3. How fast are they (5400, 7200rpm?)

    4. Are they on ATA33, 66 or 100 controllers, or older?

    5. Are your system and sound files on seperate drives?

    6. What is the size of your Vcache?

    7. Do you run any other applications in the background (eg Virus scanner, ICQ etc.,)

    8. Are you running any other audio programmes (sequencer, audio editor, acid etc.,)

    9. What is your Soundcard?

    10. When you get the glitches, how much polyphony are you using.

    If you give us this info, there are a few guys here who may be able to help.

    In the meantime, have a read of Dave Casey\'s PC optimisation faq in case it has some useful tips:

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