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Topic: Completely confused

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    Completely confused

    It won't be hard for you to tell based on my question that I don't know much about music software. I am a complete newbie. I've been reading reviews of DAW software for days, and so far all I can rule out buying is what doesn't work on my PC vista platform. There seem to be so many kinds of digital audio workstations. I would appreciate advice from anyone!

    I am not really interested in recording live instruments, possibly vocals, but not so much. What I really want to do is just loop together different software synthesizers (like absynth and some of the analog arturia stuff) and software orchestra parts (VSTs like garritan maybe) into a final product that I can edit in terms of volume and mix ratios without the different sources coming together being a problem. I want to be able to have flexibility in editing. I write music that is ambient/classical, like Vangelis, not the dance music or hip hop so the ableton live might not be for me.

    I've heard that Reason comes with a good synth but it won't accept outside VSTs, and I would prefer to stick with a system that is all software based, not wanting to have to install a lot of hardware on my computer unless its really worth it, so probably not Sonar. I am afraid I will end up spending a few hundred dollars on something that is designed for people with completely different goals from mine.

    I am not even sure if my computer, which is very new, has a midi in jack, (I don't think so) or if nowadays usb ports can replace the need for midi jacks? I've got a nice midi controller but it's on loan to a friend while I figure out what kind of software I need.

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    Re: Completely confused

    1) What is your budget for such a purchase?

    2) What are the specs of the computer you plan to use?

    Answering these will help forum members to better assist you.
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    Re: Completely confused

    Sure, my budget is approx 0 -- 400 dollars. My computer will be a PC running vista with Intel Pentium E5200 Dual Core. I hope that helps.

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    Re: Completely confused

    Do you like to work with traditional notation, or in some other way? Most sequencers are designed to do the most work in what they call the Piano Roll view.

    Sonar doesn’t require any special hardware, so not sure why you’re say that...

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    Re: Completely confused

    Sure thanks, not sure I understand your question. I like traditional notation. I can read music and play the piano a bit. I plan on using piano keyboard midi controllers. However, I want notation as a by product, but mostly I want to edit together different streams of music coming from different software synths and VST orchestras etc into one final product that I can tweak.

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    Re: Completely confused

    Most of the DAW contenders have demo versions which you can download and play with. This will help you get a feel for what you’re comfortable working with. At this point, Vista shouldn’t be an issue.

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