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Topic: Casadesus - Prelude VI (Steinway Basic)

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    Casadesus - Prelude VI (Steinway Basic)

    Robert Casadesus was a contemporary and colleague of Maurice Ravel, the two toured together and collaborated. Casadesus' music is similar in many ways to Ravel - elegant, refined but still adventurous. Here is his 6th Prélude (from a set of 24)

    This dedicated to etLux in honor of his return to circulation, release of his new VST synth, and as a nod to his love for the short Piano prelude.

    With a special nod to rbowser whose continual encouragement and suggestions have finally helped me get a drier mix that I actually like.

    Also dedicated to Tom, who always seems to enjoy my obscure finds.

    Rendered in Finale 2009, MIDI file exported to Sonar for further tweaking and application of a custom impuilse response created in Voxengo Impulse Modeler and loaded in to the free SIR plug-in.

    Short and sweet. Enjoy!

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    Re: Casadesus - Prelude VI (Steinway Basic)

    Another new one for me - I've never heard of Casadesus.

    I enjoyed this short prelude - I really like his musical language. In fact, I think I've been unknowingly influenced by him - many of my preludes could easily have been influenced by this if I'd heard it.

    Another great find. Thanks for posting this.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Casadesus - Prelude VI (Steinway Basic)

    Hi, Jonathan!

    Another truly delightful post from you - and if ever there was a piece that could be described as "short but sweet"---!!---Only :54 long!

    It sounds wonderful, it's a smart piece of music, and - drum roll--I think the recording sounds great, with a perfect amount of reverb - I can believe it's a live performance without having to feel I'm at a concert in the Taj mahal! YAaaaaah!

    wow--and thanks for the "special nod"---Our on-going discussions about the use of reverb have always been fun. I didn't realize before this that I was actually swaying your new recording decisions. Well, get this - my recordings tend to be Wetter than they used to be! We all influence each other, and I think that's a marvelous dynamic.

    BY the way - did you notice on your previous "Au Jardin" post that I put up a dryer rendition of your file? Listening to that again, it's much like what you've done here.

    Excellent work, John. Thank.


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    Re: Casadesus - Prelude VI (Steinway Basic)


    Thank you, Jonathan.

    Many -- many! -- moons ago in college, I'd played through
    Robert Casadesus' preludes, myself. David Barnett had
    them, and just loved them; so he set me off on them. I'd
    entirely forgotten them until your revisitation, here.

    Let's have the rest of them!

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Casadesus - Prelude VI (Steinway Basic)

    Hello All,

    Trent thanks for the kind words... I'm pleased to have intorduced you to this composer and his music... do seek out more if it an enjoy!

    Randy, I did listen to your further tweaking of my Au Jardin piece, and that inspired me to see if I could create an impulse response that mimicked your sound - I wanted to achieve it with less steps if possible. I'm glad you think it's close. I agree that it's wonderful we all learn from each other on this forum - it's one of the reasons I keep coming back for more. When critique and suggestion can be offered and received in such a great spirit of collegiality, all of us benefit. I have been on many boards, and this one is consistently one of the very best at maintaining helpful, civil and respectful critique. You all stimilate me to be a better composer and musician, and I treasure the friendships I have made here. (many of whom I correspond with privately also at greater length)

    David, thanks for the response - these are wonderful pieces indeed. The local UW library has at least 3 of the 4 volumes of 6 each, so I may indeed continue. I enjoy the preude genre since they are short enough to do quickly (and I don't have a lot of extra time for demos these days). I've recently begun exploring also Casadesus' string quartets, which will likely find their way onto my Ipod for my summer trip - a great set for sitting on the beach and relaxing...

    My best,

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