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Topic: Dan Dean Solo Strings

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    Dan Dean Solo Strings

    I have AO complete, Ultimate Strings, MiroSlav Mini and Sonido Media for strings.

    I would go with GOS but I do not have the additional funds ... getting Voices of Apocalypse

    How does Dan Dean sit in the slow, tear-jerking, emotional vibrato, Non harsh
    and silky world of solo strings?

    Sorry for all the descriptive words but this is what I am trying to achieve for moths now.

    PS. I understand that there are .art file updates.
    Do they help my case? Lastly, is the sustain time too short for slow movements?

    Francis Belardino
    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Strings

    > slow, tear-jerking, emotional vibrato, Non harsh and silky

    Dan\'s your man!

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