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Topic: SampleTekk Summer Groupbuy! 50% Off!!!

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    SampleTekk Summer Groupbuy! 50% Off!!!

    SampleTekk are happy to celebrate summer by offering our customers a great deal:
    The SampleTekk Super Summer Group Buy

    Click here to visit SampleTekk and join the Group Buy! great deal:[/

    HIGHEST LEVEL REACHED - No Risk, 50% off and shipping right away!

    Group Buy Rules.
    1. A group buy works on ALL products from the SampleTekk store.
    2. The Group Buy offer is valid between June 1 and June 30 2009.
    3. To join the Group Buy you make a purchase in our on-line store with the 50% maximum discount. You have then entered the Group Buy. When 81 entries are reached the 50% discount applies for all buyers and you don't have to make an additional payment. If the 81 buyers are not reached at the end of the Group Buy you will have to make an additional payment. This payment will be the difference between the lowest price you paid and the actual price as set by the discount percentage reached at the end.
    4. You can buy as many different products as you like, but only one each. For example, you can buy 1 White Grand, 1 Black Grand and 1 Vertikal but not 3 White Grand.
    5. By joining a group buy you agree to wait until the end of the group buy OR when highest level are reached (+81 buyers), before receiving the product(s) and make the final payment if needed. And if we don't reach the highest level, I'll promise to eat my hat!
    6. You can find the discount percentage matching each level of buyers below.

      0-25 Buyers 10% Discount
      26-50 Buyers 20% Discount
      51-75 Buyers 30% Discount
      76-80 Buyers 40% Discount
      81 + 50% Discount

    7. Both the entry and the shipping fee are non-refundable purchases.
    8. When the final discount is reached (or when the Group Buy ends) we will ship the products you purchased.
    9. All items are full versions
    10. DVD's are packed in CD/DVD envelopes

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: SampleTekk Summer Groupbuy! 50% Off!!!

    There we go! Highest level reached, so no it's no risk and 50% off on everything. We also will ship right away!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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