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Topic: GPO quality?

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    Question GPO quality?


    Some time ago I mentioned that I was writing an opera for a school project. My plan was to use GPO in combination with recordings of real singers. Since the result will most likely be heard public I want it to sound, well, "good". As in "like a real orchestra". I know it's probably impossible to create sounds just as good as the real thing with computers but I've taken a listen to Richard Birdsall's "Knights & Magic", and well, wow. The problem is that I'm not exactly a genius in the field of, you know, the whole audio engineering thing.

    As I see it I have two options:
    1. Learn how to do it (maybe not as good as Knights & Magic but still good) (I've got Sonar 7 PE to work with)
    2. Get someone to do it for me (put that'll cost me right? If so, what kind of money are we talking about?)

    Option 2 is obviously the easiest, but I don't feel like blowing huge dollars one that so my question is really if I can learn enough by myself in order to go with option 1?
    Regards Danial Zainali
    Reinvent powdered wigs!

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    Re: GPO quality?

    I think most here would agree that DPDAN would be the best person to contact for both options.

    The mixes I have heard from him have been really good.


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    Re: GPO quality?

    Felixissimo! Your post takes me by surprise. You've been an active member here for some time - I was thinking you must be fairly proficient with using GPO!

    Quite a lot on your mind about this big project - You Do need to get it organized into something which is practical, though no matter how you go about it, it of course will be a tremendous amount of work.

    Your subject line seems to be asking one question, and your post asks another - "GPO quality?"---I think you're asking a general question about whether or not GPO is able to produce acceptable music for a live production. Is that what you meant? - If so - where have You been?! LOL!---How about the L.A. Ballet Company's production of "The Nutcracker" utilizing GPO, and U2 touring with GPO in their sound arsenal, - many other examples I'm sure, including my own "Dorian Gray" which was performed live to GPO driven tracks.

    I'm trying to stick with your basic questions - I can't resist a side observation - "good, as in like a real orchestra"---What a giant can of worms that opens. We all must surely know by now that there is and will always be a limitation to how totally believably electronically produced music can replace live bands/orchestras. I wish we could all just realize and accept that music produced this way can have its own beauty and power which is different from the playing of acoustic instruments but that the difference is to be enjoyed. Using samples to emulate a live orchestra will always be an abstraction, a simplification of "the real thing." And that's fine.

    --Probably more apropos to that topic is Gary Garritan's often repeated point that samples are meant to help composers and musicians in their creative process, but aren't intended to replace the need for musicians playing traditional instruments.

    Back to your most urgent point - I remember you posting about the opera you're writing for a school project. I assumed this meant you were sufficiently confident to do the necessary GPO work - You are being very modest and insecure about your ability to use the library - have you sat down and actually tried yet? - How did the idea for the project come up if you didn't feel at least somewhat capable of actually producing the music?

    I think it's VITAL that we all set projects up for ourselves which push us beyond what we think our limits are. If I stuck with only doing what I already know how to do, I wouldn't ever do Anything. I am constantly treading into unknown territory when I work on music - I can't allow myself to think, "OH I need more training" or "OH I need more experience." No no, - the "training" and experience come from the Doing.

    So - I'm suggesting that you're more capable of producing your opera's music than you think you are. And don't forget you have this Forum to run test recordings by - We'll help you with tips for improvements.

    The second option--to hire someone? Oh my - Yes, no matter who you hired it would be very expensive. How could anyone be expected to do that kind of major work without being paid an appropriate hourly rate? And you surely know that your project will take hundreds of hours to produce. Do you have a spare $4,000 to $10,000 for this?

    Roll your sleeves up, my young friend. Make the leap from where you currently are in your confidence into the Zone where the act of creation leaves no room for self doubt.

    You can do it. You had a great idea for a project - Now it's time to produce!

    Go to work.


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    Re: GPO quality?

    Rob beat me to it. DPDAN has quite a gift. If you decide on number 2 ...... DPDAN!

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    Re: GPO quality?

    Oopsy, I was obviously unclear in my post. I never meant to imply that the quality of GPO could be questioned, Me scusi, mye ingelish is, how you say? Not zo good.
    But seriously, what I really was trying to understand was if I (as a mortal) could learn to master the samples by my own. And how good the quality of the product would sound in my hands after I had my way with it, or something like that

    Randy, since you are so very optimistic (and since I'm broke ) I might just give it a chance! My composing hobby have so far been writing the music in Finale and then pretty much just exporting it as audio and the settleing with that. Therefore I'm not that familliar to the whole high/lowfilterEQanalysisaudiobuscc1MIDIPIDItweakypeakyt hingie going on, which is what I believe is requiered for this project .

    In other words, you all have to be prepared for a whole bunch of newbie questions about audio mastering! Hihi

    Thanks a lot to y'all!
    Regards Danial Zainali
    Reinvent powdered wigs!

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    Re: GPO quality?

    I don't want to question the quality of the GPO instruments and having listened in the very past to some demo's - great in sound and composition - I decided to purchase GPO.

    Much. much later I found out that some of those really great sounding demo's were made with GOS, not GPO alone. OK, even with GOS it was quite a "maestro- like" thing to make it sound so good, but one cannot compare the bare GPO with the quality of the GOS sounds.

    ... and then we are all waiting for ... we all know.... and then I will re-render all my symphonic works.

    I am honest enough to say that I will never reach the level of DPDAN, but a new "GPOS" will set me in the right direction.


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    Re: GPO quality?

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond62 View Post
    Much. much later I found out that some of those really great sounding demo's were made with GOS, not GPO alone. OK, even with GOS it was quite a "maestro- like" thing to make it sound so good, but one cannot compare the bare GPO with the quality of the GOS sounds.
    As a note of clarification, only a very few of the Listening Room demos used any GOS. DPDan has used GOS on occasion, but I am not aware of others. GOS is good for the special FX and less than common articulations. For GOS, one must have GigaStudio and almost everyone here uses GPO in Kontakt. GOS was discontinued 4 years ago. The vast majority of the fabulous demos people have done ( thousands of them) use only GPO strings.

    There is a misconception that GOS sound quality is somehow better. All the GPO section strings come directly from GOS. They are the identical samples but in Kontakt format, just fewer samples and articulations.



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    Re: GPO quality?

    Thanks Gary for helping here,
    Randy said you can always post your work here and we can give positive, but genuine advice on things to fix. The participation at this forum is so great!

    I am confident that every single sound in Knights and Magic are from GPO, the only thing I believe is the piano which might have been from JABB because I like it's sound better. The only thing used from GOS was the background noise...
    I'm busted
    OK the applause was from church

    Does anyone else get major goosebumps right after the tubular bells and the big retard....? That is some great writing!
    Has anyone heard from Richard B.?

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    Re: GPO quality?

    Hello again, Danial

    I really think you'll do just fine if you put your mind to it. The first place to start getting help on the "...high/lowfilterEQanalysisaudiobuscc1MIDIPIDItweakypeakyt hingie..." is the myriad of sticky posts and tutes all over this Forum. You also have a big head start since you're already proficient at using Finale.

    And I'm glad to see you here again making some clarifications - because you gotta see how your subject line was kind of an alarm bell since it sounds negative. I imagine that's one reason Gary came to see what the thread was about.

    I'm also very glad to see you clear up the misunderstanding about the posted demos, Gary - I don't understand where this idea came up that the strings were often from GOS in the demos. ALSO it's great that you explained how the GPO strings are actually from GOS, just stripped down a bit and with fewer articulations.


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    Re: GPO quality?

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan View Post
    As a note of clarification, only a very few of the Listening Room demos used any GOS.
    Some years ago when the list of demo's was much longer, I am speaking off.
    At that time I wasn't aware of such thing as the Listening Room. I only saw that list of demo's with full and small orchestral works and I wasn't aware of the difference between GOS and GPO..... if there was a difference in sound then it had to be the "mastership" of the maker.


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