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Topic: Cubase 5 Studio or Cubase 5?

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    Cubase 5 Studio or Cubase 5?

    I'm a bit confused about the differences between Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio and hope to get some help here. So here's what i need my sequencer for: actually i'm writing down all my music (Sibelius) first and then export it to my daw. The daw is only used for midi-editing, no audio (recording, editing and such) capabilities whatsoever are used.

    I'm interested in Cubase 5 because i hope that VST-Expression can speed up the process of building midi-mockups (VSL Opus 1, few Westgate) from my scores. And now on to the question: Do i miss sth important if i go for Cubase 5 Studio (remember, only midi-editing capabilities needed, no VariAudio and the such, though they might be very cool new features, i just don't need those)? I'm mostly concerned about VST-Expression. Is it fully included in Cubase Studio or just some light-version of it? Other things i'm missing for midi-editing? Thanks for helping me out

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    Re: Cubase 5 Studio or Cubase 5?

    You won't be missing anything you need in Cubase Studio. By not using Audio, you're eliminating many of the features in Cubase.

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