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Topic: Where oh where have my poor samples gone

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    Where oh where have my poor samples gone

    Hi, this is my first attempt at posting a thread. And, I wouldn't bother you if it wasn't important.

    I'm running Sonar 8 Producer, using Chris Hein Horns V2, JABB and Complete Classical Collection. To get better performance out of my samples, I reinstalled them on my 7200 rpm external hard drive. But, Kontakt 2 cannot locate them. In fact, all I can do, is load my presets, that I saved when I had everything on the computer's C drive. And, even then, I have to tell it where to look. All other samples are unavailable...and, that's almost all.

    From what I've read, it's important to have the libraries on a separate drive from the system. But, what should the path be? When I reinstalled these 3 libraries, I indicated where everything should go. Their names appear on the front of the Kontakt browser, but not the colored graphics. And, Kontakt tries to find the libraries on the C drive. What am I missing?

    Thanks, DD

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    Re: Where oh where have my poor samples gone

    Did you rebuild your database in Kontakt? That should be the first thing you do when changing the locations of your samples.

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    Re: Where oh where have my poor samples gone

    Rebuild the data base. No, I guess not. How is that done?

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