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Topic: N-VDL Xylo Bright KS

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    N-VDL Xylo Bright KS

    When using this sound from the CBMB library, I have to hit the lowest keyswitch on the Kontakt player keyboard in order for it to play any notes, Is there a way to get this sound to play without having to do this first? I'm using this sound with Finale 2009.


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    Re: N-VDL Xylo Bright KS

    Hi, Bill - Another Finale question which has remaind unanswered for too long. Sorry about that - I don't use Finale, so don't know the answer. What you describe is odd though. - Can't you include an invisible note at the beginning of your piece so that the keyswitch is activated, and then the problem is taken care of?

    Randy B.

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