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Topic: Main Garritan Website

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    Main Garritan Website

    I'd be very grateful if members outside of the US could check a few pages on the website, particularly if you are in the UK.

    Can you post how quickly or slowly pages load if at all, not just the home page but some others as well.



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    Re: Main Garritan Website

    I tried just about every page, and thet all came up pretty much instantly. The only page that wouldn't come up at all was the one for GPO4 .

    But seriously, everything was quite fast here in Texas.
    Best Regards,

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    Re: Main Garritan Website

    Tony sed:

    "...I'd be very grateful if members outside of the US could check a few pages on the website..."


    "...everything was quite fast here in Texas..."

    Well now, I know Texas is big enough to be a country by itself, --but I didn't realize it actually Was one!


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    Re: Main Garritan Website

    Things are OK here in the UK. I visited the main page, most product pages, the demo pages, and everything loaded really fast. Given that my connection has been getting slower and slower recently, I'd say you have a very quick site indeed.

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    Re: Main Garritan Website

    It doesn't load in China. Hasn't been working for ages, I believe. VPN via Germany works.

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    Re: Main Garritan Website

    It doesn't load in Israel either.

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    Re: Main Garritan Website


    Loading fine and normal speed down here in West Australia.

    ...though I couldn't get the GPO4 page to load either ;-)


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    Re: Main Garritan Website

    Fine in Turkey


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    Re: Main Garritan Website

    I've tried most of the pages and at the moment they seem to be Ok. A few days ago I couldn't get on the site at first. It took a few attempts before I could connect. At the time I just thought this was due to some maintenance work.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Main Garritan Website

    So far, fast enough. Only the Secure Online ordering page needs more time to get all items displayed.

    Raymond - from The Netherlands

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