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Topic: RMX's "Sound Menus" Crashing Cubase 4

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    RMX's "Sound Menus" Crashing Cubase 4

    This happens not only on very large projects, but happened to me even on very small projects with little recorded midi data, but with about 6 VSTis (Atmosphere, Virtual guitarists, hypersonic, RMX, etc..), than when I go RMX and try to select sounds menu, especially "Crash Menu", Cubase 4 crashes.

    I tried to recreate this on brand new blank project, but this only happens when i'm relly working on a project

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    Re: RMX's "Sound Menus" Crashing Cubase 4

    I'm on Cubase 4 and it sounds like your memory is hitting its' limit.
    I have 2gb on my XP machine and I can't load Ominsphere (maybe one or two sounds) and RMX sound menus without running out of memory.

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    Re: RMX's "Sound Menus" Crashing Cubase 4

    See "Memory/CPU Issues" in the Stylus RMX FAQs at support.spectrasonics.net.

    - Glenn

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