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Topic: Prosperity Rag

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    Prosperity Rag

    My wishes for all of you.

    Prosperity Rag (composed by James Scott- 1916)

    Part of my Rags and Jazz collection. See website.


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    Re: Prosperity Rag

    Nice job Raymond.
    I'm sure that anyone listening to Scott Joplin who doesn't
    tap their foot or fingers probably ready for planting.

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    Re: Prosperity Rag

    Raymond - One of the many reasons I like and enjoy you so much - your tastes are broader than a coast view of the horizon - !

    Wonderful rendition of the Rag - The somewhat genteel quality which the Steinway imparts to this keeps the original intent more intact. The Rags got souped up, starting with the famous sound track of "The Sting" in keeping with more modern sensibilities. But to go back to more of an authentic sound and style for the Rags is very nice to hear.

    Great that you're doing this - keep it up!


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    Re: Prosperity Rag

    Great rendering. This is very familiar but it has been ages since I have heard any, except a few exceptions, of Scott Joplin's rags.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Prosperity Rag

    Great job on this, Raymond -- thoroughly enjoyed.

    Well recorded, as well, I might add. I like the
    sound you tailored on this... to me, it fits perfectly
    with my general conception of the music of that

    Everyone seems to have the unquenchable
    desire to record rag on pianos both out of tune
    and in bad repair... which I rather doubt was
    the intent of the writers.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Prosperity Rag

    Thank you, my friends. After this "old era" project - both Ragtime and Jazz Piano - which has about 80 tracks in total, I am stunned about the quality of the midi files. They were sitting there and I did nothing with them until now (downloaded them about 5 or 6 years ago).

    The music is really great and on purpose I did NOT render them for "honky-tonk" instruments. As etLux said, it wasn't the purpose of the composers (probably).

    Some melodies and harmonic developments are really unexpected and beautiful. One has to consider them with the same care as pieces of Schubert or Schumann. On occasions I did some repair things to the midifiles, but they are minor (correcting the left-hand harmonics, velocities).

    Right now I am doing some big band (or not so big) stuff I made myself back in those years when I started with Band-in-a-Box (don't have it anymore, gone obsolete). That is hard work to get the Sax-sound!!!!

    Randy, yes I have a very broad interest. Music is music irrespective the "label" put on it as long as it is good music (to my ears).

    For now, enjoy the coming weekend,


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