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Topic: ennio style march

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    ennio style march

    Hi, I've been a member for a little while, usually coming in a just reading and soaking up some wisdom, but this is my first post. So I hope it's in the right place. Sorry if it isn't.

    I have a piece that I would like to arrange as a quasi-ennio morricone style march. But I'm not using orchestra, my instrumentation is
    upright bass
    piano (if needed)
    guitar (if needed)

    I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how to get the most bombastic sound possible with this small ensemble.

    I am obviously going to put the trumpet in the melody, my main problem is how to incorporate the violin and the clarinet into rythym section duties. The violin especially seems to stand out too much.
    The harmony is fairly simple 2 bars a piece
    A-F#minor-A-F#minor-D-Bminor-A-F#minor-A-F#minor etc etc
    (although I may transpose it up a semi tone, to aloow the violin to get the low open G)
    any help would be great.

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    Re: ennio style march

    Hi Aleos,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm sure others will chime-in with more detailed comments, but here's just a few simple ones in no particular order.

    1.- You may be barking up the wrong orchestrational tree trying to get a "bombastic" sound from a trumpet-clarinet-violin-cello ensemble. Instead, try and exploit the beautiful timbres this instrumentation can provide.

    2.- One of the hallmarks of the Morricone sound (and most good music in general) is the shifting 'give and take' of sharing the lead between different orchestral colors.

    To even the volume playing field, try putting your trumpet in a cup or straight mute and try some unisons and octave/unisons with the clarinet and/or violin. There's a billion combos to try here ... you've chosen a lovely grouping of instruments (although I hope this is a studio march if you include the upright bass and piano ).

    3.- Check the relative volume of your violin if it is coming through too dominantly ... sonically, of the four main instruments you listed, the violin is by far the weakest.

    4.- Try thinking less "lead + background" and try integrating various lines in a pleasing manner ... and yes, you can do this even for a 6/8 march!

    Experiment and have fun ... getting the sound you want is a very personal thing ... and getting there is all the fun.

    GOOD LUCK!!!



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    Re: ennio style march

    thanks so much, great advice.

    The volume won't be a problem, due to as of now it being strictly for a studio recording.
    I understand the "barking up the wrong tree" comment, and I totally agree. Except that this piece is the last 3 minutes to a 20 odd minute suite. The rest of the composition definitely utilizes the more beautiful timbres of the selected instruments, and is more melcholy "there will be blood-ish"
    So I was trying to coax as much "bomb" out of what I had.

    I wish I had a mariachi trumpeter.

    anyways thank you for your words of wisdom

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