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Topic: Vintaudio presents GIGA CLEAN ELECTRIC GUITARS

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    Vintaudio presents GIGA CLEAN ELECTRIC GUITARS

    Vintaudio, a new Gigasampler\\Gigastudio sample library developing company launches first product : Giga clean electric guitars.

    November 7th 2001,

    Vintaudio proudly presents GIGA CLEAN ELECTRIC GUITARS, a 2 GIG, 4 cd Gigasampler\\Gigastudio sample library that includes * 4 meticulously chromatically sampled guitars with full decay on every sample, chromatically sampled at 3 neck positions that are keyswitched for extremely expressive performances. Every instrument also includes mutes in 3 velocities, hammer-ons and swells. Each instrument weighs in at approximately 500 megs.

    The first guitar sampled is a gorgeous 1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom, this instrument was sampled twice, once for each pick-up ( this means two 500 meg instruments). These can also be played together to get that middle pick-up position sound (both pick-ups playing ).

    The second guitar in our lineup is a 1958 Fender Stratocaster ( need we say more ?), and finally a great modern clean sounding guitar, the Godin Artisan.

    The idea behind this library was to sample the purest tones possible from these wonderful instruments and then use them in Gigasamper\\Gigastudio with real amps, amps simulators such as the Line 6 pod, Alien Connections Revalver or Gigastudio effects and Directx plug-ins. The samples in this library were taken from the instrument, directly into a Focusrite\'s Discrete transistor instrument input, to the recorder in 24 bits, dithered down to 16 bits using Apogee\'s UV22 technology. Every sample (approximately 1200) was carefully edited to maintain purity and level. This wonderful soundset is available exclusively from our website to you at the extraordinary low introductory price of $134.95 u.s. funds (Express air Shipping to United Sates and Canada included in price, International orders add $4.95 ).

    We have created numerous Demos of this product with effects, less effects and no effects at all so that you can hear for yourself why this library is the ultimate Giga clean electric guitars sample library.

    Please come visit us at www.vintaudio.com for more info on this wonderful product.

    (*) (3 guitars, 4 instruments, 1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom sampled twice one instrument for each pick-up)

    Allrighty folks, there it is, my first offering. I\'d like to thank Kip and Worra for their valuable information. If you have any questions about this product, please don\'t hesitate, i\'ll be glad to answer your questions.

    Vintaudio productions.

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    Re: Vintaudio presents GIGA CLEAN ELECTRIC GUITARS

    GOD! the tone on that Artisan Solo is Nice!

    What did you use besides the sample to get that? I really like that tone.

    In fact all the guitars have a really nice tone.

    I\'m not sure I like either tone on the procesed les paul, but the reverb only sounds like a les paul so I\'m sure its the am tone that bothers me.

    I\'m not as amazed as I am with Scarbee\'s Bass demos, but the tones are really nice, and at the price I cant see why not....except that I\'m a guitar player and ahve access to vintage guitars

    BTW..I want that Artisan tone :P

    Cheapy update CDs with all the samples processed with your favorite tone might be a good idea...and I might look at that

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Vintaudio presents GIGA CLEAN ELECTRIC GUITARS

    Thx for your kind words KI

    That solo was made with Revalver and i beleive it was Waves Rverb for reverb.

    As for selling processed sounds, well that kind of defeats the purpose, the purpose of the library being that you can process these sounds any way you want, i mean it took me less than 5 minutes to find the right processing for each one of the sounds for these demos with Revalver and other plug ins
    it\'s as easy as doing it with outboard or pedals

    As for execution, well i aint a guitarist so, i tried to play like one lol but i need some practice ...only been doing it for a couple of weeks now playing around with the library, i do admit it\'s really fun though and with this library you can really feel like your playing guitar.

    Ya i do love that Godin Artisan, it\'s actually the only one that\'s mine lol...
    Anyways thx for the comments


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    Re: Vintaudio presents GIGA CLEAN ELECTRIC GUITARS

    Of course having them clean is the purpose, so that anyone could throw their own tone on the. But you might want to atleast put presets up to share

    The thing with updates is that it is really eas for you to jsut thow all the effects into a batch process and give them out to non guitar guys as cheapy updates or even free updates. there are a bunch of people who dont run effects inline with giga or audio tracks, or who dont want to spend the time dialing in tones (or even knowhow). I for one would dial my own..except I really like the tone you got on the artisan so I wouldn\'t mind having that as a done deal in a guitar patch

    Even bette would be if you had access to vintage amps and actually processed these throug them with mics. You have an opportunity to offer some great options for very cheap that I would be interested in. That in all honesty wouldn\'t be too much more effort on your part ...dont take this as its not effort to do a guitar librry of this size...believe me I know

    Anyhow. I\'m not saying you aren\'t offering enough,..just saying the tones and samples are great..dont stop there be involved with \"growing\" the library a little. Like Scarbee and Gary Garritan do. Dont be \"just another sample developer\". updates make the en user feel like they bought something that is evolving and will always ive them somethig new...even if its as simple as processed files.

    Id say the same to Scarbee...except he\'s aleady updating

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Vintaudio presents GIGA CLEAN ELECTRIC GUITARS

    Hmmm food for thought KI
    I\'ll think about what you said,it\'s a new angle i didn\'t think of, and an interesting one, beleive me i am very favorable to updates, they also discourage piracy a bit i guess, and i am already working on something special for registered users.


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    Re: Vintaudio presents GIGA CLEAN ELECTRIC GUITARS

    E-Bass, Scarbee Fingered coming soon, and now this!!! Wow, somebody is listening to my crys for bass and guitar samples!! Im downloading samples now, if this sounds half way decent it\'s in my library collection! COOL!

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