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Topic: Another Keyswitch Question

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    Another Keyswitch Question

    A commonly quoted complaint about keyswitches (and one that I have had problems with) is that if you start playback from after the keyswitch, you may play back with the wrong patch. (I know that the new Cubase is supposed to fix this, but as a non-Cubase user, I don't have that option).

    So, I have a technical question: If I were to insert my keyswitchs as repeated notes, say quarters throughout the entire piece, would that disturb my playback? Would that slow anything down?

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    Re: Another Keyswitch Question

    Probably not, unless your tempo is 45,000bpm. Processing MIDI is relatively fast.

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    Re: Another Keyswitch Question

    Hi Reber, here is a little toot on keyswitches...



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    Re: Another Keyswitch Question

    So, Dan, are you saying that if the keyswitch duration lasts the length of the affected phrase, then the keyswitch will be active even if you start playback from AFTER the note on message?

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    Re: Another Keyswitch Question

    Quote Originally Posted by raweber View Post
    if the keyswitch duration lasts the length of the affected phrase, then the keyswitch will be active even if you start playback from AFTER the note on message?
    That would depend on the sequencer, Ron. If you have the option to translate a CC into keyswitches (possible with a script in Kontakt 2/3 f.ex.), most sequencers can chase CCs. This would solve your problem.

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    Re: Another Keyswitch Question

    I'm using KP2 which came with GPO in sonar 7 Producer...

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    Re: Another Keyswitch Question

    "...I'm using KP2 which came with GPO in sonar 7 Producer..."

    KP2 isn't your sequencer, that's just the audio engine for GPO--Sonar is your sequencer, and it will chase back to whatever the previous states of your sequence is prior to the playback point, as Nickie said.


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    Re: Another Keyswitch Question

    keyswitches are just notes, and usually reside in the same midi track as the notes that trigger sound. I know I am preaching to the choir here but....

    There is no way for a sequencer to know what keyswitch (KS) should be active when we back up or jump forward.

    Example, measure one starts with a keyswitch for short bows, then ten measures later we have another small note (a keyswitch) for pizz.
    In real time, we play the song, and everything is triggered properly. Just after a few pizz notes, we realize there was a bad note in measure four. We go back to M4, fix the wrong note, and hit play, guess what.... these notes are playing pizz, but they are supposed to be playing short bows. That's because the last KS the instrument received was a pizz KS.

    The only way you can start at any given point in the sequence, and have the correct sounding atriculation, is to lengthen the keyswitch notes so that as soon as your sequencer starts, it will immediately trigger the correct KS.
    At least thats how it works in Digital Performer.

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    Re: Another Keyswitch Question

    What does it say about me that I spend three days in an internet discussion about something before I take the 10 minutes to load up Sonar and verify the behavior for myself?

    Anyway, I did a little experiment this morning and discovered that, no, extending the length of the keyswitch note will not cause Sonar to chase the keyswitch if you start playback from after the "Note On" command.

    So, I guess, Dan, that Sonar does not behave in this respect as DP. That's too bad for me.

    Thanks everyone, for your help.

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    Re: Another Keyswitch Question

    Thanks, Dan!---I was half asleep when I whipped out a reply on here last night. I was muddled with keyswitches and Nickie's post about using CCs to do the keyswitches, and while Sonar can chase CCs, using Garritan it's usually best to keep that option Off so it doesn't chase CC1 and turn your volume off.

    Rob, you're right that extending a keyswitch note in Sonar won't make the app find it when you start in the middle of a project. Sonar still needs the note On event.

    But I'll add that it's never been much of an issue for me. I keep my keyswitches as close as possible to the first note of the sections needing them. When I turn on the looping function to work on a passage, I sometimes make the selection a measure longer than needed in order for the program to catch the keyswitch - and the extra measure acts as a count in anyway.

    Probably another reason it's no big deal for me is because I work so Slowly - including the area with a keyswitch in a selection area isn't problematic for me.


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