Finale 2010 Now Shipping

More Garritan Sounds – Free new sounds include organ, a variety of electric guitars, five octaves of handbells, a brush drum kit, and more.
Automatic percussion playback configuration – Your snare will playback with a snare sound – and so forth – without any manual intervention.
Improved Scanning – New interface to specify instrumentation so that your staves will automatically be properly transposed and configured for playback.
Automatic rehearsal marks, customizable music education worksheets, easier chord input, and more.

Now I have to decide if it's worth the upgrade. I'm generally one to go right for a new upgrade, but I'm not so sure this time, especially when I'd rather use my hard earned cash for the new Garritan Aria coming out next year....OOOPSS!!!, I mean THIS YEAR....dang fingers never cooperate! That must be the opposite of the NEWT Syndrome!