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Topic: Hmm... where are the harp packets?

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    Hmm... where are the harp packets?

    Ok, I must be blind. I just got my copy of GPO (v3), and the instructions talk about harp MIDI packets, but I can't find them anywhere on the DVD. So I figured, okay, maybe I'll find them online. And sure enough, I did find links to them, but none of the links work. I see there's a link to Sonar-specific harp packets on Garritan's Sonar page (which would be good, since I have Sonar), but the link doesn't work.
    So, does anyone know where I can find these harp packets? This is one feature I was really looking forward to playing around with.

    Also, I can't find the Ambience Reverb anywhere on my DVD. The reviews I read for GPO said it included this, and again, I was looking forward to using it. I'm starting to wonder if I got a defective DVD that's missing some files....

    Anyway, thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer!

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    Re: Hmm... where are the harp packets?

    Harps are part of the GPO. They are listed in the Instrument List, see manual.
    I can't help you with Ambience. Don't use it.


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    Re: Hmm... where are the harp packets?

    Thanks. I can find the harps, but I can't find the Midi packets that contain the harp glissando data. I did check the manual (many, many times, believe me!), but all it says is that I can use Harp midi packets, and it doesn't tell me where they are located.

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    Re: Hmm... where are the harp packets?

    I copied them from my original GPO disc and uploaded them to my website.
    Here is a link for the zipped folder containing all the various glissandi, but these only work with the two glissando harps in GPO.

    Strum the white keys of a midi keyboard to create the glissandi you want, then drag the appropriate midi packet so it is placed just before the notes. Alternatively, you could use a separate midi track for the packet, just make sure it is assigned to the same midi channel as the harp.

    Have fun strummin"



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    Re: Hmm... where are the harp packets?

    here is a little movie about the GPO harp packets...



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    Re: Hmm... where are the harp packets?

    Thanks so much, Dan! I'll definitely be playing with these tomorrow to see how they work.

    I'm curious, though-- Are they no longer included with GPO? Because I just searched the DVD again, and they're definitely not there (unless they've been given a very odd name and I'm not recognizing them.) Oh well, I have them now, so it's all good.

    EDIT: Hmmmm... they're not extracting properly. I think there are supposed to be multiple MIDI files, relating to different keys, aren't there? Sorry to bother you, but could you check the zip file to make sure it's got everything in it that's supposed to be there? Thanks again.

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    Re: Hmm... where are the harp packets?

    Hi David, by the way...


    I just opened a totally new Digital Performer project and unzipped the file that I posted, and dragged (imported) the file that is inside the unzipped folder called "Glissando Harp Packets.MID"

    All the keys (packets) are in there.

    If you watch the video I posted, you can see the various glissandi midi packets.


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    Re: Hmm... where are the harp packets?

    Got it working now, thanks! Not sure what I was doing wrong last time.
    I wasn't able to watch the video because, believe it or not, I'm still on a dial-up internet connection (yeah, I know, I need to leave the stone age.) I'll check out the video next time I'm at my friend's house.

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    Re: Hmm... where are the harp packets?

    glad to help David!

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