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Topic: DIY Rackmount Computer

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    DIY Rackmount Computer

    I've assembled 2 DIY tower desktops to date - both managed to work.

    I was wondering if could share experience with building a rackmount computer based sampler / vsti player. Please feel free to point me to past threads if I missed it.

    I am curious about:

    Is ATX sizing the way to go?
    Special Cooling requirements?
    Preferred cases?
    Power needs?
    Things I am not smart enough to ask now (and would learn about too late)?

    Going to be using it for K3 and VSTi playbacks mostly.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: DIY Rackmount Computer

    You need a 4U case to start with.
    Look at at least a 600 W PSU.

    This may help also......
    The Antec Take 4 + 650 (PSU)

    I build my own fans but there are some decent ones around.

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    Re: DIY Rackmount Computer

    Thanks Chalfant!

    Will check it out.


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