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Topic: Probably a support issue, but...

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    Probably a support issue, but...

    there are so many knowledgeable folks here I thought I'd let Gary and company focus on the next new products!

    I just purchased used copies of Stradavari and Gofriller. They are everything I expected... I'm even more bummed I didn't get them back when they were current, but finances are finances, so at least I have them now.

    They are going to make a huge difference in rendering several older pieces!

    Before I get too involved I thought I'd check to make sure I have the latest and greatest.

    Both instruments came as Kontakt 2 Player libraries, the version numbers are:

    The Gofriller Cello V3.02.nki
    The Gofriller Cello V3.02 for Finale.nki

    The Stradivari Violin v1.08 P.nki
    The Stradivari Violin v.2.01 P.nki

    Also, I recall that someone had an impulse response for the Strad that made it sound like an electric violin... was this ever released to the public?


    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: Probably a support issue, but...

    Congratulations on finding those great instruments, Bill. The versions you listed are the final ones, I do believe. The Electric Violin impulse I never heard of. Interesting.

    Have fun!


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