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Topic: Why does Translator slow down? ASR10

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    Why does Translator slow down? ASR10

    I dragged about 5 CDS into my Ensoniq formatted SCSI drive and now its slow and hell on the 6th CD!

    However if I drag a folder from my desktop it selects to "Convert" I select Ensoniq and its fast as before?

    What is that about and is it my formatting of the drive?

    I built two 9gb kurzweil drives and they dont appear to suffer from this.,
    As a side protection im installing a new SCSI drive to be sure.

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    Re: Why does Translator slow down? ASR10

    I bet your CD-ROM drive is running hot. Did you give it a break before re-trying it over and over again?

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    Re: Why does Translator slow down? ASR10

    EDIT: I think I need to learn how Ensoniq deals with folders.

    No heat, although the HDD was hot!

    It would transfer if I put the folder on the desk!
    I think the file system was corrupted because no matter what it went slow if I did a direct copy from translator to the HDD.

    When I reformatted the drive it worked fine.
    I was putting CD1 and CD2 in one folder.

    Now its working fine!

    I suspect HDD was going or the file system was to wonkie or corrupted header on the drive? (Were talking 9gb SCSI)

    All good now that I kept each CD in its own folder and somewhat of a pure "Flat" file system.

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