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Topic: Growl Being Activated by Slurs in Finale 2008

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    Growl Being Activated by Slurs in Finale 2008

    Can anyone help. I just installed JABB and am working on a score I had previously entered with slur markings for the clarinet and sax. I go to play the file and the slurs are causing the growl to jump to 100. I delete the slurs and the growl does not happen. How can a slur, which in Finale has no metatool assigned to it, cause the growl to turn on? I would appreciate any suggestions since I do not want to lose my slurs for the playback. Thanks!

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    Re: Growl Being Activated by Slurs in Finale 2008

    Ben, I'm sorry your question has sat here languishing for so long. I was hoping a Finale user would notice your question and offer you some help. Unfortunately, I don't use Finale and so can really only offer sympathy.

    Which MIDI controllers are triggered in Finale are all assignable, are they not? There's an incorrect assignment there - you've looked wherever it is in the program to check that?


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