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Topic: Problems using the Garritan Instruments

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    Problems using the Garritan Instruments

    Hi!, I own the Garritan-Library for about a year now. Had no Problems with it until now. (I work in Cubase Studio 5.1).
    I have a problem when using some Instruments, like Harps ore the Keyboards. The Strings, Flutes, Brasses etc. are working good.
    For example: When i load the Harp, and play 1-2 tunes, the last tune will be "hold" for e few seconds then it says something like "unexpected error" and my entirely cubase CRASHES! The same with the Kayboard instruments!?

    I don´t know what happened to them...

    Could it be... i installed a demo of Kontakt3 and loaded some of the garritan intruments into the kontakt sampler? And the... do work?

    I just tried to reinstall the Garritan plugins but won´t help.

    I do need the Harps!

    (Sorry becouse of my bad english, i´m from germany)

    help would be nice

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    Re: Problems using the Garritan Instruments

    Hi MA-Simon and welcome to Northernsounds.

    I'm not completely sure what is causing your error. Would you kindly give us a few more details to help you?

    -PC specifications, including operating system (and whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit)
    -Any text or error codes that accompany the crash and error message?

    Also, are you able to reproduce this crash? Do you have another program which can host VSTs? (Sonar, Bidule, Cantabile?) Does it occur there as well or is it restricted to Cubase?

    Have you tried reinstalling Cubase?

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    Re: Problems using the Garritan Instruments

    And sorry for replying so late,
    lot of work a the end of my study Semester.

    I fixed it. I don´t really know what happened.
    I think one of the Library Packs (may they which include the pianos and the harps) were sort of corrupt after opening them with the Kontakt 3 demo.
    Don´t know how that happened.

    I just reinstalled the complete Garritan-Library and now it works fine!

    thanks for your reply!

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