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Topic: Some Music to listen to

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    Some Music to listen to

    Hey guys they put up some of the music
    I did for a recent game at

    These aren\'t the best cues, and aren\'t the ones that I\'d hoped they put up that would really show some GOS beta work. But they put the least expressive music up. Anyhow, have a ball listening. I\'ll see if they can put up my favorite tracks jsut for me I would love to post the whole soundtrack...but I would also love to keep working

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Some Music to listen to

    Nice stuff, King

    My favorite clip was probably \"Air trial 2\". I like moody stuff, and there were elements of it which reminded me of The Shawshank Redemption, which is one of my favorite soundtracks (and movie).

    Quick question for you: In Air trial 2 there is that eighth note pattern played on a tack piano sounding instrument. What library was that from? Do you use Total Piano? I\'d like to get a nice tack piano, and \"total piano\" is the only library I\'ve seen which includes that patch.

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    Re: Some Music to listen to

    Very nice stuff King! Really you aren\'t an idiot .
    I liked Air Trial 2 the best as well. Were there some sounds from Rare Instruments in there and Heart of Asia? It sounded like Taiko drums and an erhu (or maybe it was a temple flute of some kind). Very nice.

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    Re: Some Music to listen to

    Thanks for the reply, King.

    Sounds like you\'ve got a pretty efficient setup if you can kick out stuff that quickly. The world of game music sounds like a fun gig - are you doing that full time?

    I just recently ordered GOS from Soundchaser, and I\'m looking forward to checking it out. I still feel pretty green on GS, but due to the good folks at this forum and the support staff at Soundchaser I\'ve been able to continue taking baby steps. I\'m looking forward to creating my first homegrown sample instrument tomorrow (an antique toy piano). It\'s a great learning process.

    Anyway, the next big step in building my system is getting a sequencer working alongside GS. I\'ve heard people say that some sequencers gobble up RAM, which cuts down on the polyphony of GS if they\'re on the same computer. Since my intention is to eventually build a system that is capable of pulling off an orchestra, I\'m a little concerned about the polyphony issue. Do you have any tips or recommendations? How are you set up?

    If you\'ve answered this in a prior thread, feel free to tell me to check out your answer. I\'d hate to make you repeat yourself.


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    Re: Some Music to listen to

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KingIdiot:
    Kobb, Shawshank is also one of my favorites long with Meet Joe Black, great string arrangements./B]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Interesting King. Shawshank is one of my favorite scores as well and I just finished listening to that beautiful cue (track 6) on Meet Joe Black in my car .
    I love track 19 on Shawshank (Compass and Guns) with that beautiful piano and solo oboe and then those expressive string swells that woosh in. Makes the hairs on my back stand up it\'s so pretty. Of course, I always think of Red out in the big open field looking for the money Andy hid. The music really complements that scene of the movie very nicely.

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    Re: Some Music to listen to

    Amen, Damon.

    That soundtrack is just perfect from beginning to end. The \"Brooks was Here\" cue is beautifully sad, while \"The Shawshank Redeption\" cue crawls right along with the film from eerie and tense to the uplifting climax and back to slightly eerie again.

    Just talking about it makes me want to go home and listen to it again.

    Thomas Newman is great. His score for \"American Beauty\" is pretty cool too, though not quite as traditional.

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    Re: Some Music to listen to

    I think I\'ve worn a hole in my American Beauty CD, I\'ve listened to it so much . Track 2 (Arose) is so cool. Nice and quirky. I need to stop listening to his stuff or I\'ll never find my own sound!
    Newman has a unique sound that always sounds fresh to me. He has such a great palette of sounds he uses. They always seem to fit perfectly.
    I always liked the \"Mouse on the Mile\" cue on Green Mile as well. Love that bass marimba and pizz.

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    Re: Some Music to listen to


    Had a great time listening to the stuff.

    Clever work with the HoA erhu - sounds very nice.

    Meldoyne seems truly incredible, I just whish this stuff was integrated into the sequencing environment - what with the sequencer, Acid, Melodyne etc., It can get a little tedious importing and exporting.

    Nice chunky guitar in the Fire Boss track

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    Re: Some Music to listen to

    good stuff. It\'s about time someone wrote some good music for video games, I must admit that I have not heard a lot of music from games since the type I like are Monopoly, Clue, etc.

    If you need a good dulcimer, buy Post Piano Suite. IT has an excellent dulcimer, a lot better than the one from the Roland set. The pianos are good too, and they give you the extra variety needed in some instances.

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    Re: Some Music to listen to

    Its a nice set up, but it mostly involves me not tweaking and \"settling\" I lose alot of time tweaking out parts to sound perfect. When I dont have the time to do that I jsut need to stop and move on. Which is why even the composing suffers. After time I\'m sure I will get better at composing quicker and quicker. I do mostly Vidgame work. I do some animation work from time to time as well. My claim to fame is I almost took over Elfman\'s spot for Stainboy, but that went to someone else.....thats life I just found some of those old ques. I might post them up for a laugh.

    You\'ll LOVe GOS! what a way to get introduced to sampling...you will be so spoiled now! llooking forward to hering the Toy Piano I love samples liek that.

    As for sequencers I\'m runing Cubase along side Giga. I haven\'t checked to actually see how much ram it uses, but it doesn\'t gobble up poly until you run audio tracks along side on the same drive. Itgobbles up the aount of samples you can load tho, if you have high buffer rates and lots of audio tracks set to play I repeat myself...all the time almost, all the time.

    I loev the way Freeman plays Red in the feild he is so out of his element.what a GREAT scene. That whole last act almost ALWAYS makes me cry. I actually kno someone who doesn\'t like that movie..and she proceeded to tell me that she didn\'t finish watching it. I just about died....Its like watchig \"The Shawshank\" instead of \"the Shawshank Redemption\"

    Newmen is great, but I jsut LOVE the non vibrato strings in Meet Joe Black. The are so Stark

    Thanks for listening. I love the phrases in HoA I jsut ish they were more vrsatile. I want RI jsut for the Erhu, but I know I can\'t fade between dynamics..which is part of what the Erhu is to me. Dynamic swells...tho I ahve some ideas of getting around it. We\'ll see when I get the library at some point.

    elodyne is peretty neat. I\'m still only playing with the demo version, but its the best formant/pitch shifter I\'ve ever fooled wit. I haven\'t messed with phrases yet.

    I have some bigger guitar stuff I\'ll post at sme oint. I used to play in prog rock/Art Metal bands, and even a hardcore punk band at one point....and top 40..ugh... I want to play in an 80\'s metal cover band now MWAHAHAHAHA What a ball that would be.

    esper- there are some GREAT soundtracks out there now. The Medal of honor stuff soudns great. I\'ve always liked the Final Fantasy games and the orchestrated versions are wonderful to listen to. Tehre are a cuopl of other vid game composers out here on this forum and they are all much better than me.

    I\'ll look at Post Piano Suite. Its always good to have variety, and if there is a good Dulcimer I\'m interested to add tht to my lib. I\'ve always loved the sound of them.even tho I expect them to be over used with Gladiator being such a \"hit\". If I remember corrctly its all over American beauty as well right? Dont have that one so I dont know.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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